Sorcerer Lord [330]
lvl 4; Conjoined Homunculus; Infernal Puppet.
Goes with one of the Marauder units, uses the Lore of Death.

Exalted Hero [286]
BSB > Doom Totem; Diabolic Splendor; MoN; Chaos Steed; Shield.
Goes with the Chaos Trolls.

Chaos Sorcerer [160]
lvl 2; MoT; Spell Familiar; Dispelscroll.
Hope for Pandemonium, goes with the other unit of Marauders.

19 Marauders of Chaos [183]
MoN; Full Command Group; Light Armour, Shields; Flails.

19 Marauders of Chaos [183]
MoN; Full Command Group; Light Armour, Shields; Flails.

6 Marauder Horsemen [106]
Flails; Musician; MoS.

6 Chaos Warhounds [36]

5 Chaos Trolls [225]

5 Chaos Knights [285]
MoN; Musician; Standard Bearer > Warbanner.

Hell Cannon [205]

63 Models + Warmachine.
5 Dispel dice.
8 Power dice.

Basically you mess with your opponents LD and then force him to take LD based tests.
Obviously this wont work against a Immune to Psychology army (undead etc) but it sure is allot of fun watching a elven general fail his LD tests.

The Lord takes the Lore of Death for the damage and spell no. 5 & 6 (if my memory serves me right) lowering LD and forcing tests.

The BSB goes with the unwieldy unit of Trolls. The reason for the size is that your opponent cannot ignore them, and so will try to shoot them down. He may kill one or two, leaving the rest super powered. Or he does nothing and lets them get into CC unharmed.
All the fear tests the unit causes are at -2LD.
Deploy this unit at the centre of your army, making sure you flash your awesome banner to everyone.

Use your Hell Cannon to fire at units who can draw a line of sight to your BSB, -2LD panic tests.


I'm not sure about the Knights tho. I feel that they don't really belong in this list, but they are almost to cool not to take them, perhaps swapping them for a unit of Chosen is better. Or another Hell Cannon.

Please let me know what you think about it, will it work? what units would be better suited than the Knights, etc.

I hope you like it!