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    Ideas for Tzeetnch sorcer lord on disc

    Im looking for any good combinations on a sorceror lord of tzeentch, and on a disc, all inputs is greatly appreciated


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    Armour of Morrslieb is quite good. That will give you a 4+ ward save against non magical attacks which most shooting is. Plus with your tzeentch bonus that will go up to a 3+ ward save. Then if you want to make him really hard to kill you could go for the crown of conquest which gives him regeneration. then he'll be pretty hard to take down with any form of attack coming his way.

    If you want him to be attack man of death;
    You could give him the skull of Kataam so he gets another +1 to cast so thats +2 to cast, eep!!!
    and the rod of Torment so thats another bound spell coming out from him.

    Do you know what kind of foes you'll be facing???

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    items to consider:

    -Spell Familiar: Better chance of rolling Gateway is always good.

    -Book of Secrets: Extra power but lots of risk (esp if casting Gateway on 5 dice!). Bring to Infernal Puppet with someone else if doing this...

    -Golden Eye of Tzeentch: More handy than Morsleib, since it works against magical Dwarven artilley, and magic missiles too, it's also cheaper. This guy really shouldn't be in combat anyway, unless it the weakest of foes (like fast cav)

    -Chaos Runesword: If you reckon you're going to enter combat with this guy, try this weapon out.

    -Bloodcurdling roar: You're on a flying mount - you may as well!

    -Stream of corruption: Again, a flying mount means if you get the opportunity, a breath weapon would prove deadly to enemy infantry blocks.

    -Skull of Katam: As been mentioned already, the fact he can fly is evem better - park him near another wizard and they both get casting bonuses!

    So, with these in mind, here would be my 'ultimate' SL on a disc:

    L - Sorcerer Lord - 420
    MoT, Level 4, Disc, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Spell Familiar, Chaos Runesword, Bloodcurdling Roar

    A cheaper alternative would be:

    L - Sorcerer Lord - 350
    MoT, Level 4, Disc, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Spell Familiar

    This guy does what he does best - avoiding combat, casting losts of spells

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