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    2250 WOC Slaanesh

    Here's my list for the new warriors of chaos. I like to keep the model count down as I am a very slow painter.

    Sorcerer lord - LVL 4 - MOS - Barded Steed - Spell Familiar - Dispel Scroll

    Exalted hero - MOS - Shield - Flail - Steed of Slaanesh

    Exalted hero - MOS - Shield - Flail - Steed of Slaanesh - stream of curruption

    Exalted hero - MOS - Shield - Flail - Steed of Slaanesh - BSB - war banner

    10 marauders - flails

    10 marauders - flails

    10 warriors of chaos - musician - banner - shields - MOS - banner of wrath (sorcerer bodyguard)

    5 warhounds - scaly skin

    5 Knights - Musician - banner - MOS

    5 Knights - Musician - banner - MOS

    Chariot - MOS

    Chariot - MOS

    Giant - MOS

    The thought behind it is speed. The marauders and warhounds are harrassers and treaten with flanking. Any of them that survive will try and take corners at the end of the game. No big roles for them.

    The exalted heroes all join the 2 units of knights and are ready to charge out of the units on turn 2 (turn one if the opponent has the first turn and comes too close). They will mainly hunt for warmachines, shooting units and chariots. In case of a major risk they might do a combined charge into a unit to take out a pesky BSB or wizard. The knight, chariot and giant are then ready in the meanwhile to make sure the opponent has to worry about the front and keep the exalted heroes from getting flank charged in case the have issue with their task.

    The sorcerer might seem a little minor with only 6 PD in the army but the lore of slaanesh is great with multiple spells with game winning potential. I know most armies will out dispel dice me but I just throw 5 power dice at the spell I really want and make it hard for opponents to dispel.

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    A couple of quick notes about the tactics at the end:

    -You mentioned a combined charge with your Exalteds, to take out Wizards and BSBs. This is going to be very difficult for one reason: Eye of the Gods. Being forced to challenge could ruin your day, depending on how many enemy characters are in the unit and where they are placed. Be careful.

    -With such few powerdice, the enemy will probably love the fact you throw 5 dice at one spell. Firstly, it means you probably won't be casting anything else, and even if you do, it's only the level 1 spells. Next, if you don't miscast, it's dispel scroll time. The enemy wont need to burn through more than 1 per turn.

    Now, onto the list:

    -Characters: I think the Lord needs a Steed of Slaanesh more than anyone else, so he can get out of trouble when need be. He doesn't really want to see combat. Id also swap one Exalted for a level 2 Sorcerer (since you're keen on magic) and spread between him and the Lord the Book of Secrets and Power Familiar. More dice, more spells.

    I don't mind the Exalteds though - simple enough and hit hard.

    -Core: Interesting tactics - so the core are throw aways. I like it Feed the enemy something while you surround them with Knights and Chariots - cool.

    -As for the rest, no worries at all. The ASF Giant seems way too expensive for my taste, but if the don't feel you need the 40 points anywhere else, it can't hurt. However, if you need points to pay for, say, that extra Sorcerer, this is the first place it should come from.

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