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    1500 - (battalion)

    Im trying to fit 1500 from a battalion box, 2 characters and some extra chaos warriors. Will this work? I got 22 points left. What should be changed?

    Exalted Hero 180
    Sword of Might
    Collar of Khorne
    additional hand weapon
    Barded Steed
    Mark of Slaanesh

    Chaos Sorcerer 230
    level 2
    Mark of Tzeentch
    Disc of Tzeentch
    Power Familiar
    Book of Secrets
    Bloodcurdling Roar

    10 Warriors -standard, musician, mark of nurgle, shields -228
    Rapturous Standard
    -will this be able to hold allright?

    10 Warriors - extra hand weapon, mark of khorne - 190

    20 Marauders - Command, light armour, shields - 160

    5 Chaos Warhounds - 30
    5 Chaos Warhounds - 30

    5 Chosen Warriors - Great Weapons, mark of khorne - 130

    5 Chaos Knights - Mark of Slaanesh Lances,Standard, Banner of Wrath - 300



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    Right now, I don't play many games at 1.5k these days, but I''ll have a go at this.

    Characters: You can't get the bonus attack for 2 hand weapons mounted, so drop that straight up. He has the Sword of Might anyway, and this will always be used over any mundane weapon he has. Otherwise, look s pretty good. The Sorc you have is exactly how I run mine

    Core: I like to see Warriors at 12 strong, the extra bodies and attacks do come in handy. I'd only bother with the Rapturous standard with a BSB around, where it becomes really useful. Otherwise, just pure luck, and nothing to rely on. Warbanner might be better.

    5 Chosen is a strange choice, just too easy to kill. If you're after a small flanking unit for cheap, look at 5 Forsaken, or Ogres. Otherwise, make this unit bigger, with a Champion that has Eye of the Gods. I think 12 is great for this unit - same as warriors at the end of the day, but harder.

    The Lances on the Knights are a waste of points. S6 looks great, but S5 ALL THE TIME is much better, and they have magical attacks just in case. I might consider it if it was a free upgrade, but 5 points per model is a rip. Drop them.

    So, with any spare points you can muster, grab extra bodies. Chosen first, then warriors. It's not easy, and you may find one unit of Warriors, one unit of Chosen, and one block of Marauders plenty in the end, once you get the Warriors and Chosen to 12+.

    I think a nice block of Warriors is 18 of them, muso, champ, mark of your choice, Warbanner, shield. 350 odd points, but hard as, and decent static combat res. I run one of these at 2.25k, backed by 18 Marauders, and 12 Warriors (wonder where my advise is coming from, ey? )

    List is on the right track though , so it's safe to go along with it. You'll easily make changes after playtesting.

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