2000 point, Warriors of Chaos - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point, Warriors of Chaos

    Hi, just wanted some advice on this 2000 point army, what to not use and what to include. Haven't played any games as Chaos yet, so some constructive critiscim would be welcome . Also any tactics i could use would be appreciated.

    Sorcerer Lord (315)
    Level 4 Wizard
    Mark of Tzeentch
    Golden Eye of Tzeentch

    Sorcerer x2 (280 )
    Level 2 Wizards
    Mark of Tzeentch

    Chaos Warriors x3 (757)
    2 units of 15 with Halberds & Shields
    1 unit of 12 with Hand Weapon & Shields

    Chaos Chosen (405)
    Unit of 15
    Halberds and Shields
    Mark of Tzeentch
    Blasted Standard
    Champion has Favour of the Gods

    Chaos Knights (240 )
    Unit of 5

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    Heya mate! Welcome to the winning side of Fantasy

    Your list is pretty vage, Do your units have command? I'm assuming the knights have a Champion and Standard from the points lol.

    Your lord, If he's going to be running around on his own shooting things, then i'd probably mount him just for a little extra protection. Even the humble chaos steed. That bad boy gives your sorcerer a 2+ save which is nothing to turn down If he's in a unit you might aswell not bother with the Golden eye as it wont be him thats being shot at. You might aswell get a power familiar with the points instead. Other than that you're characters are looking pretty bare but hey, more points to spend on evil chaos warriors at the end of the day

    You're army list is looking pretty good, You might have trouble against some combat characters and knocking out warmachines but other than that, sorted.

    If you can, chuck in some chaos hounds, These boys are invaluable to bulking out your army and hunting those pesky units like warmachines and archers that your warriors would be wasted going after.

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    I suggest knocking off 5 chosen, this would free up 90 points with which you could buy around 5-8 marauder horsemen, these could be used to destroy war machines or play follow the leader with frenzied bloodknights or other units

    ---------- Post added at 17:59 ---------- Previous post was at 17:57 ----------

    I'm having trouble with my army list some replies would be helpful (BTW ive tried the army list forums noone replies)
    DP-hellfie+aether swords-lvl 4 tzeentch wizard (might change to nurgle) 575 pts
    5 chaos knights/ mark of nurgle / banner of wrath/ fullt command 335 pts
    Chaos warriors/ full command/ MoN/ banner of wrath 243 pts
    exalted hero / aether sword/ MoN/ Bloodcurdling roar- 193 pts
    Exalted hero / chaotic steed/ hellfire sword/ MoN 220
    3 trolls- 135
    lvl 2 socrerer / MoS/ chaotic steed- 213 pts
    BTW im 13 so i make as much things as i can out of my old Orcs and gobbos army - you guys never seem to take actual money into consideration

    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

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