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    Member Quendi d'Jhaelian's Avatar
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    ~1500 Friendly Horses List

    ~Exalted Hero; Chaos Runesword, Soporific Musk, Chaos Steed, Shield -201 points
    ---This guy is going in the unit with knights, although I'm not sure if I want to trade Sopofiric Musk for Bloodcurdling Roar on the Sorcerer.

    ~Exalted Hero; MoK, Collar of Khorne, Helm of Many Eyes, Great Weapon -183 points
    ---This guy is a special model that I made going with the marauders, giving them some MR and super killy power.

    ~Sorcerer; MoT, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Power Familiar, Disk of Tzeentch -210 points
    ---Death from above... Do I want Bloodcurdling Roar on him instead of the Musk on my knight.

    ~Marauders (2 Lt. Armour, Shield, Standard Musician -210 points

    ~Marauder Horsemen (5) MoK, Lt. Armour, Flails -110 points

    ~Marauder Horsemen (5) MoK, Lt. Armour, Flails -110 points

    ~Marauder Horsemen (5) Throwing Axes, Shields, Musician -86 points

    ~Chaos Knights (5) MoN, Musician -240 points

    ~Chaos Ogres (3) Chaos Armour, Great Weapons -150 points

    -Mobility is the key feature here, except for the big block of marauders. Not quite sure which hero to make my general though... Sounds good?

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    Well, for starters, my 28 turned into 2. poopy.

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    Drill Sergeant Lord Borak's Avatar
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    2052 (x8)

    It looks good, your hero's are pretty good to be honest with you.

    Your army is SO fast that that big block of marauders is going to get left behind somewhat. Why not change it for a big unit of marauder horsmen with flails and khorne? it's be a cheap unit of knights basically. Chuck the Khorne hero on a deamonic steed and he'll be the same movement as the horsemen, swap the great weapon to a halberd and jobs a good un!

    You'd probably save some points so i'd go for a few units of hounds to stop the unit charging randomly and getting baited.

    Other than that your list is looking pretty solid. I'd give your sorcerer Blood curdling roar so you've got soemthign else to knock out lone enemy sorcerers etc. Your exalted with soporific musk doesn't really need it as he's rolling 3 dice to persue anyway.

    But i'd deffinatly consider some hounds to stop your marauder horsemen and khorne hero getting baited left right and center. It will help you from getting shot to ribbons by any type of missile fire. Horsemen are only T3 with a 5+ save, thats not great.

    Good list though

    EDIT: Just remembered the bit about your converted model, hmmm
    Last edited by Lord Borak; February 19th, 2009 at 10:23.

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    Senior Member Black_katZ's Avatar
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    Like what Lord Borak has said, that big block of Marauder is not going to help. Either go combined arms (infantry complemented by cavalry) or all mounted. That said, I don't think I've seen an army where the cavalry is complemented by infantry. Maybe all mounted army with this single block of 10~12 Chosen+MoT+Blasted/Wrath banner+Book of Secrets. The drawback is that the infantry unit is going to be left behind, but the Chosen block can do well just hanging back, spamming magic. Just a thought.

    Anywho ...

    Khornate Horsemen are not going to live long, no matter what upgrade you give. They're like your fire-and-forget suicide missile. I'd drop Light Armors to save points.

    Where are the hounds? Mounted units are expesive. You'd want the hounds to screen them and prevent them to be shot to ribbons. AND hounds do better job than Marauders since they can move up quick at M8.

    A block of Khornate horsemen is arguable since they die real fast. Nothing wrong in trying them out, but I personally rather invest in another unit of Knights or pump up the Ogres for a makeshift anvil unit.

    Bloodcurdling Roar on the Sorcerer I'd say. He's going to bombard the enemy from afar so why not another salvo of attack.

    If you really want to try out your Exalted (on foot), I suggest build the army around him (read: on foot ).
    Then complement the army with a unit of knights or a pair of chariots. Two Chariots in less than 2000pts can do hurtful things
    Currently building my poor-hammer WoC army.

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