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    Member Maximus-Prime's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Groningen, the Netherlands
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    Help me with my list plz.

    After seeing the brutal effectiveness of a DP I'm thinking about running one myself (instead of a lvl4 Tzeentch disk caster).

    I was hoping this could turn into something like Mr_Wayne's topic, with some conditions
    -No MoK/Frenzy
    -The troops are the models I own. So plz no mass changing that.
    -Preferably no Knights (I like the idea of mass combat foot troops) although I do own 10 of the bastards

    I am open to changes in Characters and troops gear.
    Plus I have more to spend on troops.

    I was thinking of getting some nice tasty trolls.

    Daemon Prince
    Magic Level 4
    Tendrils of Tzeentch
    Fury of the Blood God

    Exalted Hero of Nurgle
    Mark of Nurgle; Flail; Shield; Battle Standard
    Rapturous Standard
    Palanquin of Nurgle

    Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle
    Mark of Nurgle; Magic Level 2
    Enchanted Shield
    Infernal Puppet
    Barded Chaos Steed

    Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch
    Mark of Tzeentch; Magic Level 2
    Book of Secrets
    Bloodcurdling Roar
    Power Familiar
    Disc of Tzeentch

    26 Chaos Marauders
    Mark of Slaanesh; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Chieftain

    10 Chaos Marauders
    Great Weapon

    10 Chaos Marauders
    Great Weapon

    5 Marauder Horsemen

    4x5 Warhounds

    12 Chosen
    Mark of Tzeentch; Halberd; Shield
    Standard; Musician; Champion
    Blasted Standard
    Favour of the Gods

    Casting Pool: 12
    Dispel Pool: 6
    Models in Army: 87
    Total Army Cost: 2042

    That means I have 208 points to spend.

    My WoC assembly/paint log! check it out. UPDATED 03-11-'11!
    Check out my guide on how to make Treekin.
    Please feel free to correct my spelling.

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    All Cav WoC General Ayliffe's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
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    64 (x2)

    well one unit of Knights could get you to 2250 no problem, and add nice killing power.
    2010 WoC Cav W/L/D - 7/3/1

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