I used to play WoC way back when all 3 factions were still one. i took a hiatus for 5 years and have been playing wood elves for the past 6 months. There was a bazzar this weekend where i managed to pick up some used models and add a little variety to what I have, allowing me to start fielding 2k armies, and allowing me to take my WoC seriously.

Here is the first List I've come up with, a bit of the troops i have/like and then building characters around what i have leftover.

EC on foot with runesword and shield
Level 2 mage, unmarked, book of secrets, dispel scroll, barded steed
Level 2 mage, mark of tzeech, rod of torment

16 warriors, sheilds, standard and musician (mages on steed goes here)
17 maraders with flails, full command (EC goes here)
5 marader horsemen
6 knights
6 knights
1 charriot
3 dragon ogres
1 giant

I guess I don't really have a plan but to charge ahead and smash things as best I can, since i have to learn this army from scratch.
The unmarked mage takes the lore of fire, and with a little luck can get the flaming sword. without luck, he can still spam some magic missles.

things like frontage, wheeling, ect i only know how to exploit since W.E is almost all skirmishers. I'm just looking for some tips or advice or reality checks.