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Thread: 1000 pt. List

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    1000 pt. List

    156 Chaos Sorcerer
    level 2, tzeentch, chaos steed
    210 Chaos Sorcerer
    level 2, tzeentch, book of secrets, power familiar, conjoined homunculus
    196 Chaos Warriors 10
    shields, Nurgle, musician
    80 Marauder Horsemen
    shields, throwing axes
    250 Chaos Knights 200
    full command,
    105 Scyla Anfingrimm

    Played it several times which it has always done well
    against dwarves which usually give problems to us warriors of chaos being fast enough to take out the cannons, but also strong enough to stop the longbeards, it also works with a strong force such as the green skin, and Scyla can help defend against some of the other fast thing like the squig hoppers.
    And the magic is extremely powerful, allowing me to have some ranged offensive

    I put the Sorcerers inside the Knights and the Chaos Warriors
    You can be easily out numbered but combined with Scyla and the marauders I am usually fine

    Tell me what you think, what I need to change, and maybe what you like

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    1.)Shields on the marauder horsemen? WHY?

    -you don't get the handweapon + shield bonus while mounted.
    -light armor is the exact same only you could swap out the TA's for flails and then have t6he same save in combat and be hitting at strength 5 instead of strength 3.

    2.)Get rid of the full command on the knights, they are fine just on their own and that saves you 50 points.

    3.) Conjoined really isn't worth the points.

    Take the points from the knights command and the conjoined and buy another 5 horsemen with just light armor and use them to flank with the knights while the others seek out lighter prey.

    My 2 cents.

    I like the variety though, looks decent for a 1k list.
    Chaos Warriors (2009) 16-4-9

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