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    1500 Point Army List

    Wulfrik The Wanderer. 185 points

    Exalted Hero 245 points 430 Pts
    Mark Of Khorne
    Axe Of Khorne
    Favour Of The Gods
    Acid Ichor

    Sorcerer 190 points 620 pts
    Lvl 2
    Mark of Tzeentch
    Power Familiar
    Book Of Secrets

    19 Marauders 145 points 735 pts
    Full Command

    5 Chaos Warhounds 30 points 765pts

    5 Chaos Warhounds 30 points 795 pts

    12 Chaos Warriors 252 points 1022 pts
    Mark of Khorne
    Standard Bearer

    12 Chaos Warriors 252 points 1258 pts
    Extra Hand Weapons
    Standard Bearer
    Mark of Khorne

    5 Chaos Knights 255 points 2003 pts
    Mark Of Khorne

    ---------- Post added at 175 ---------- Previous post was at 172 ----------

    Plan is to use Wulfrik and his Marauders to try and get any War Machines
    Put the Exalted Hero with the Chaos knights and try to to out Commanders and Champions
    6 Power Dice from the Sorcerer
    Hope to get enough Chaos Warriors in to pulp everything

    Last edited by 128th_king; March 14th, 2009 at 12:00. Reason: to remove point values

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    Heya matey.

    First off you're gonna need to remove the individual costs for things like flails being 19pts for your marauders etc. Mods will come down at sacrifice you to something.

    You're army is looking pretty rockin, I'd change things but it's all opinion based.

    Warriors. I've take the champions out if i were you. The points for the extra attack is better spent in upgrading the gear on the whole unit. The unit with shields give them Hlaberds aswell. The Warriors with 2 hand weapons give them shields so both units get the choice of a high armour save or a all out attack.

    Knights. I'm not a fan of lances, paying extra for a lance seems a bit bum for me. Especially when you're loose being strength 5 and loose magical attacks. But hey each to their own. Str 6 on the charge is brutal lol, and it looks cool.

    MArauders, I'd give these boys the mark of Slaanesh simply because the first turn they turn up at the back of the board they'll be shot and magiced by everything there is. So you don't want them panicing off the board edge!!!!

    Other than that Sorted

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