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    2 Shaggoth monster list! 2250

    Kholek Suneater xxx

    Throgg Troll King xxx

    Sorcerer 135
    -dispell scroll x2

    Chaos Trolls(4) xxx

    Chaos Trolls(3) xxx **Throgg goes here**

    Chaos Trolls(3) xxx

    Dragon Ogres(3) xxx

    Dragon Ogres(3) xxx

    Chaos Knights(5) 210
    -mark of slaanesh

    Dragon Ogre Shaggoth 285
    -great weapon

    2250 / 2250 points

    As soon as I figure out a cool looking Dragon ogre conversion and can afford two shaggoths, I promise ill bring this to a tourney just for intimidation factor!

    Chaos Warriors (2009) 16-4-9

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    Ive been dabaling with a list similar to this for a while, so heres a few pointers on what Ive learned.

    Trolls being 4 across is too large. They will just go stupid at the most inconveniant time, stumble into a unit in front and stop them from moving.

    Keep the Troll king alone. He doesnt have stupidity so just hide him behind the other troll units. Use him to then assist a charge or vomit on someone.

    Shaggoths tend to die fast, I prefer Giants with MoS.

    That lone wizzard will die fast. He cant join any of those units so is a prime target for a bolt thrower or flyer.

    I can see why the chaos knights are there, I just dont think they fit the theme. How about a war shrine with MoT. T6 with a 4+ As and a 3+ Ws is sick. It can do some good damage too aswell as get EotG onto a unit early.

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