Lvl 4 Sorc Lord of Tzeentch, Eye, Disc, Enchanted Shield, Puppet 385
Lvl 2 Sorc, Power familiar 145
BSB, MoT Talisman, Book of Secrets, Shield 190
(I'm not sure if he can even use a shield, can't find any restrictions on what can he do aside from either magic items or standard)

19 Marauders, Armor+Shields, Full Command, MoS 144
20 Marauders, Armor+Shields, Standard Musician, MoS 142
12 Warriors, Shields and Halberds, Standard, Musician, Banner of Wrath 267
11 Warriors, Shields and Halberds, Full Command, Rapturous 237

5 Warhounds 30
5 Warhounds 30
5 Marauder Horsemen, Light Armor, Flails, Musician 86
5 Marauder Horsemen, Light Armor, Flails, Musician 86
5 Knights, Standard, Musician, Warbanner 255

10 PP 5 DP
One bound spell at casting level 4

This is the general idea, but I'm trying to be flexible with it. Before I had 2 sorcerers with no BSB for an even stronger magic phase, but figured with all this infantry a BSB might be useful and 12 PP is a bit much. Looking for ideas about what to put on him so he lives for a bit longer, I'll swap the enchanted shield to him but I'm not sure he can use it. For now all he has is the 5+ ward save. He seems decent having a 50% to cast a fireball marching forward and being almost stubborn with the rapturous standard and rerolls on break tests, he's just more fragile then I'd like,

I'm worried about my Lvl 2 sorceror too since he has to challange. While the marauders are a decent bunker, he is prone to being challanged, the champion won't keep him alive for long. I was thinking of putting him on a chariot, dropping a units of horsmen to make points for it. That way he can pick his fights a bit more by boosting combat for the warriors and marauders, and breaking small units on his own, all while contributing to the magic phase (still in danger of being challanged though)