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    New guys 2k army help

    Hey guys, I haven’t played fantasy in a while and I wanted to get back in the game with my Warriors of Chaos. I’m not too experience with them so I tried to aim for a fairly simple, balanced list. So what do you guys thinks.

    Chaos lord: MOT, shield, Disk, Feather blade, Armour of Damnation, Talisman of protection: 350

    Sorcerer of Chaos: mark of nurgle, Book of secrets, Dispel scroll: 190

    Sorcerer of Chaos: mark of nurgle, Power familiar, Dispel scroll: 190

    Marauders: X20, shields, light armour, full command, MOS: 150

    Marauder horsemen: X5, axes, musician, MOS: 91

    Marauder horsemen: X5, Flails, musician, MOS: 91

    Hounds of chaos: 30

    Hounds of chaos: 30

    Knights of chaos: X5, MOK: 230

    Chosen: X12, MON, full command, shields, halberds: 320

    Chosen: X12, MON, full command, shields, halberds: 320

    PD: 8/ DD: 4 /Scrolls: 2

    Total: 1992 pts

    My dentist last name is khorne, no seriously, my dentist is khorne.

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    Infernal pupet is a must in a heavy magic list as it does not affect the dice roll by D3 but the actual result on the miscast table. Best thing is that it works for both friendly and enemy miscasts so you can avoid a devestating miscast and cause your opponents miscasts to churn up trouble.

    I would make your lord a sorcerer lord aswell in this case as otherwise he is the only real combat character out thier. give him enchanted shiled for a 1 up save and golden eye of tzeentch for a modified 3+ ward against shooting attacks.

    Buy one of your units champions from your chosen favour of the gods so you have the chance to pick and choose the gift you roll.

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