I been thinking of playing Chaos in My next up coming 2250 point tournament. This is what I have came up with so far. It seems to do well in non-tourny games, but something just does not seem to be quiet right.

Chaos Lord--359
Mark of Nurgle
Necrotic Phylactery

Choas Sorcerer--226
Mark of Nurgle
Conjoined Homunculus
Book of Secrets
Dispel Scroll

Choas Sorcerer---221
Mark of Tzeentch
Third eye of Tzeentch
Spell Familiar
Power Familiar

Exalted Hero--230
Mark of Khorne
Filth Mace
Bronze Armour of Zhrakk

15 Marauder--60
15 Marauder-60
14 Marauder-56
5 Chaos Hounds-30
5 Chaos Hounds-30

15 Chosen--365
Full Command
Mark of Slaanesh
Rapturous Standard

5 Chaos Knights--305
Standard, Musician
mark of khorne
War Banner

5 Chaos Knights--305
Stamdard, Musician
Mark of Nurgle
Banner of Rage

Total: 2247

Lord runs with the Nurlge knight, hero runs with the Khorne knights. Sorcerer run on there own. Using the marauder and hounds to block most magical and missle attacks agaist the chosen and knights, Then us them for corner and flanks attakcs.

If you ccould help me in figuring out how in improve this armry in set-up, army list and/or running them, it would be greatly appreciated.