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    Nurgle/Slaanesh 2000pts friendly/competitive

    Hi all,

    This is my first post on Librarium and after reading plenty of posts i think its time to do one myself.

    Im just about to start playing Warhammer again, i played it about 5 years ago and i want to come back to it!. Iv always been conscious of going back to warhammer but i have now relised i dont care about what other people think. Im going to do what i want to do! hehe.

    Im thinking of doing Chaos as iv always favoured them. After reading posts and writing up lots of lists this is my preferred one.

    Im open to comments and suggestions

    Exalted Hero 175

    MoS, Axe of Khorne,
    Favour of the Gods, Sheild

    Sorcerer 165
    Level 2, Power Familiar, MoN

    Sorcerer 140
    Level 2, MoN

    20x Chaos Warriors 400
    Full command, sheilds,Halberds, MoN

    20x Chaos Warriors 400
    Full command, sheilds,Halberds, MoN

    19x Marauders 125
    Full command, Great Weopons, MoS

    10x Chaos Warhounds 60

    10x Chaos Warhounds 60

    5x Chaos Knights 240
    Full command, MoN

    Giant 225

    One thing iv noticed people tend to take small units of chaos warriors and i cant understand why. taking 12 warriors seems a bit iffy to me as you will probably lose 3-4 by the time you get into combat.

    The only real flaw i see in this list is the leadership issues. Although iv taken MoS for the marauders.


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    hehe yeah it's true that you will loose about 3-4 before they get there ( if you're fighting someones that shoots a bit that is) but these are chaos warriors we're talking about...mark them right and give them the right gear and you don't even need your rank bonus because you're doing enough damage.

    i'm not very experienced with fighting on 2k but i do know that 5 warriors with shields, banner and mark of Khorne are all you need to take on 25men strong empire battalions ( swordsmen with shields) these baby's do enough damage to destroy the entire front rank of most units, so that they cannot hit back. this way he only gets combat rez from the extra ranks and outnumbering ( maybe a banner) so that's a 5+ max. While you get combat rez with killing enough ( and believe me...killing is what we are good at)
    in my oppinion warriors units should never be bigger then 3 ranks deep ( and that is big in my oppinion) it's far more usefull to have 4 units of 10 warriors because you can charge the entire opponents line, while with 2 large units he would probably get around you and flank you. (and that is where our killing usually isn't enough anymore)

    other then that, be sure to divide the hounds in 4 units of 5 strong, that way you can protect every unit you have with a dog screen instead of just protecting 2 units (and having you opponent shoot the other 2 to hell)

    and last but not least, i'm not sure what you want to do with that exalted champion of yours, because right now he doesn't really have a role in your army. the best thing to do would be to either put him on a steed and run him with your knights ( the extra punch will make sure that your knights can survive a turn or too alone in the flank some where...or put him on a steed of slanish and kit him out to go moster/character hunting ( which he already kinda is right now)

    the rest of the list seems pretty owkee with me ( although i would personnaly go for MoK on the marauders, but that's just me loving khorne) and i've never tried a giant but heard they where alot of fun to play

    that's all for now


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