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    1000pt undivided


    Exalted champion with shield


    10 warriorsof chaos (naked)

    20 Marauders shield and light armour
    Full command

    20 Marauders, shield and light armour
    Full command


    3 Chaos Ogres with great weapons

    Chaos Chariot

    5 Chaos Knights

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    The Shrubber sdefreit's Avatar
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    Do those naked warrior at least have shields. If not then get some for sure.

    Im not a huge fan of Chaos ogres. Str 6 is nice but they are going to be hitting on 4s all the time which is a bummer. Id be interested in switching them for another chariot. Two chaos chariots charging together can break a lot of units. And at 1k points I doubt there will be too many Str 7 things.

    You are going for a little more of a foot slogger list I see. Have you thought about going full cav. Switching out your foot slogger units for 2-3 cruise missiles and some warhounds? I personally enjoy the infantry models so I go foot slogger in my lists but all cav is another option.

    If you are going to go foot slogger I think it may be a good choice to run a sorcerer as your caster instead of an exalted. It gives you a ranged threat so the enemy cant run around the board freely, and it gives you something to do while your marching across the board so those first few turns arent a total waste.

    Sorcerer- 170pts
    -Level two
    -BoS and Power Familiar

    This guy will have 6 PD and two missiles (flickering fire and fireball) So he will be quite destructive. Either put him in a unit or mount him on a disk or steed if you have the points. Plus he adds a third DD which is rather nice.

    If you want to stay with a foot slogger list and you want to use a sorcerer like this let me know and Ill look more into where to skim points off

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