Hello everyone. Ok, what you will see here is not entirely daemonic fiber. Later this month there will be a 2v2 tourney and I'd like to participate. My buddy is a Warriors of Chaos player so we tried our best to produce a stable hybrid of dark matter.

The rules are, we got 750 points each, adding up to 1500 points. The normal <2000 points rules apply however we share the unit choices. It means for example I can field the required 2+ core and then have no heroes while my buddy can field 3 heroes himself and no core units. The following is what we came up with;


Herald of Khorne
Firestorm Blade and Armour of Khorne mounted on a juggernaut.

10 Horrors
10 Horrors
06 Furies

5 Flesh Hounds

1 Bloodcrusher

Warriors of Chaos;

Lvl 2 Sorceror of Nurgle
The Black Tongue and mounted on a barded steed.

Lvl 2 Sorceror
Book of Secrets, Power Familiar and mounted on a barded steed.

5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh

6 Warhounds

5 Knights of Nurgle

Also there is a choice; we can swap the Knights of Nurgle for 3 Dragon Ogres with great weapons and add 3 warhounds to the current unit.

The reason why we are going to field the bloodcrushers and knights/dragon ogres, it is because we will face tough competition, most probably there will be a couple of Treemen. So we needed something that is hard to die at 1500pts and qutie destructive itself.

The dilemma is about the sorcerors. Our initial idea was to field the Dragon Ogres since my friend likes them a lot and that would leave us with 9 warhounds, which I thought could be the bodyguard for the sorcerors. We weren't quite convinced and thought of swapping the Dragon Ogres for the knights, a sorceror will join them and he will be quite protected like that. However the other one will be vulnerable and we don't know if we should mount him or leave him on foot.

I would really appreciate any comments, ideas and improvements.

Best Regards,

Niko Grimnar

* Due to the fact that this armylist includes Daemons of Chaos, it can also be found in the appropriate section*