2,000pt (roughly) Nurgle 'Rabble' Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2,000pt (roughly) Nurgle 'Rabble' Army

    I'm looking to start a second army and WoC caught my eyes. I already have my fairly competitive DE army so I was looking for something a bit more fluffy and fun. The idea that crossed my mind was something of a nurgle themed 'WoC rabble' type of army. What I mean by this is an army focused more around hordes of plaugeridden marauders and beasties lead by a Daemon or plauge wizard rather than around the uber chosen and warriors. My rough idea so far is something along the lines of:


    Sorcerer Lord/DP: MoN
    Sorcerer: MoN
    Sorcerer: MoN
    Champion: MoN, BSB

    2-3 blocks of Marauders (LA,HW,SH) MoN
    2-3 Hounds
    2 Marauder Horsemen MoN

    2-3 units of Chaos Ogers (Music/Chaos Armour/GW's)


    The idea is the marauders serve as my anvils and the ogers as my hammers backed up by plenty of Nurgle magic to soften the enemy up. My question is if something like this is even semi-viable. I notice that I don't see many people taking Chaos Ogers and I wonder if this is because they are bad or if they are just overshaddowed by Chaos Knights? I don't have the book yet so everything is very vague as I'm just going off of what I remember from playing against WoC opponents. Do I at least have the beginnings of something viable that can be honed into a decent army or am I chasing the wrong rainbow?

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    You are correct on the ogres. They are kind of an inbetween unit. Knights are much better, and if you do want multi wound monsters, Dragon Ogres are much better. I would recommend Dragon Ogres to be your besties if you want something a bit stronger and better. But if your running a fluffly list and you dont mind, Ogres can work well too.

    The Nurgle Lore is stong. Tzeencth kind of covers it up as far as choosing a lore for level 4s go. Gateway is just a very attractive spell, but nurgle on a level 4 can be very usefull I think. And for level 2s, nurgle bubboes is amazing.

    If you are good at modeling Id suggest a nurgle BsB on a palaquin. That could turn out to be a very good model.

    Spawns are great. You could really customize them for you nurgle theme and make them look really disgusting. Plus they are great for gameplay. I use two and having some cheap expendable unbreakable guys running around has been handy a lot so far.

    I havnt used marauder blocks so Idk about them. They seems too squishy to rely on but that is just my opinion. A BsB holding the fort in the center unit could prove to make them work to hold units for your hammers though. Ive never really seen marauder horsemen use MoN. Its an expensive upgrade for that unit and doesnt help enough to be worth the points.

    I dont think it would be the best list in the world since you are narrowing your choices to non warriors/chosen/knights, but I think you could make a fun themed list that can do well if you play well

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    The lord section is solid.

    I think that the mark of Nurgle on a DP would be amazing especially when you give him mantle of chaos and Fury of the Blood God.

    Also Nurgle level 2's are game winners.

    However I am not i favor of the rest of the army for the simple reason that you are limiting yourself because of fluff. I will never stop saying that fluff is the greates disadvantage a Chaos army can have. You should never limit yourself to simply one mark.

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