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    2250 Tournament List

    Here is my Tournament army list

    Level 4
    Diabolic Splendour 575

    LVL 2
    BOS and PF
    Conjoined Homunculus 785pts


    18 Chaos Warriors
    Additional Hand Weapons
    Full Command 1133pts

    18 Chaos Warriors
    Full Command 1481pts

    20 Chaos Marauders
    Light Armour 1651pts

    10 Chosen
    Great Weapons
    Full Command
    Blasted Standard
    Collar of Khorne 1986pts

    Hellcannon 1191pts

    5 Dogs 1231pts

    plan is to IG with the DP
    use the sorc to take out smaller units and cav
    target large ranked up units with the hellcannon
    hope My DP doesnt get cannonballed
    one of the games will be Assasinate the enemy general so ill just IG that unit all game... hehehehe

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    The Shrubber sdefreit's Avatar
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    Here are my thoughts:

    1) Your running a DP and giving him D Splendor. This will help with terror bombing, but usually people give him fury of the blood god instead. The MR and better ward against magic is nice to keep him alive against magic heavy lists. Either of these gifts work well though depending on what you want. You should know the type of games youll be playing better than me. I think your choice is good but consider Fury if you already havnt

    2) Your support caster is MoT. MoN is usually prefered for a support level 2 caster. They can carry items and cast a nasty little two dice bubboes which should pull out scrolls and DD before you hit them with Gateway.

    3) Units of 18 warriors are big units. Big units of warriors are great, but they get there combat res from kills mainly. Units of 12 are my prefered size. Nice big front and not too expensive. You can turn your 2 units of 18 into 3 units of 12. Hows that sound?

    4) Dont waste your points on LA on your marauders. A 6+ armor save isnt very good. Most times it will get negated, and when it isnt, it wont save much of anything. This is just an upgrade that will very rarely make back its points.

    5) The homoculous can be risky because it can help you cast that one spell, but it can then make your sorcerer stupid for an entire turn. Its risky and imo tough to agru being worth 20 points.

    6) If you go with my #4 or #5 comments you could help give your khorne warriors some more punch and protection. Maybe halberds or AHWs on the unit without another weapon, and I would for sure try to get shields on the unit that doesnt have those. Even if you dont want them to use them in combat its worth the points for the improved save against range attacks.
    Maybe drop the mark and give a unit Banner of Rage for the extra 5 points so youll never lose frenzy.
    Maybe even just get some more dogs to block your warriors' LoS.

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    I am going to echo the wonderful advice given by Sdefreit here.

    Especially splitting the units into three, and ditching the Light Armor...

    I can understand the homonculous, but just not on the caster you have it on. I would rarely spend the points for it, but would use it only on a caster lord to get those crucial gateways at the huge risk it leaves behind. I would agree that it isn't super cost effective though.

    I would switch up one unit to have extra hand weapons, and give one halberds, you will have a good variety then.

    For your Demon Prince, you really are going to benefit against a greater field of opponents, and give him MUCH greater survivability with Fury over Diabolic, it just isn't wise to leave that many points so vulnerable to magic.
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