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    Chaos Warriors 1.5K Friendly

    okey so my Warriors of Chaos are going to have their first battle on wednesday. I have always played Vampire Counts so Im not very experienced with the WoC. I hope you people can give some advice on the list I am going to use. The battle is a 4-way battle (2vs2) with my enemies being WoC and either Tomb Kings or Vampire Counts (he isnt sure yet which he will take along) So anyway, here is my list and I hope you guys can give some advice on it:


    Chaos Champion (General) - 215
    Crown of Everlasting Conquest
    Acid Ichor
    Barded Chaos Steed

    Chaos Sorcerer - 151
    Lvl 1
    Barded Chaos steed
    2X Dispel scrolls

    THe general I have given the crown, because I seem to have extreme luck when it comes to throwing regen. My gravegaurd unit almost never dies, due to the regen bsb and me almost always getting about 85% of the regen throws...
    My sorc is magic defense obviously...


    Chaos Warriors - 348 (X18 )

    Marauder Horsemen - 80 (X5)
    Throwing axes

    Chaos Maruaders of Nurgle - 158 (X18 )
    Light Armor + Shield


    Chaos Knights - 280 (X5)

    Trolls - (X3) (dunno if I can post point cost since I have them bare)


    Chaos Warshrine - ... (see trolls note)

    Total: 1497

    Okey, thats it...Any advice would be welcome

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    I'm asuming you have a copy of the warriors of chaos codex. I don't assume to know everything about warhammer, so if there is anything I say you disagree with let me know.

    Wow, I really like the foundation of your core, 2 units of 18 chaos warriors. That's great.

    If you like regenration with your lord, that's fine, I just find that IMO it's better to give him a good magic close combat weapon such as an axe of khorne (although you'd probably have to change his mark, which really is also up to you) because more often than not, your lord will be asked challenges, and he can't back down from them. You will be challenged by enemy heroes, so it would be best to have a good offensive weapon to compile with his high initiative, str and number of attacks to have a bteter chance of coming out on top in a challenge. I choose offense over defense for challenges, because if you defeat large targets or enemy lords in combat, you get to roll on the Eye of Chaos table, and any chaos player knows that can be good. If you have the 5 points spare, you might want to give him the magic gift "Favour of the Gods" to ensure that if you win a challenge, you dont roll anything bad for him on the table, and you can opt for a more desirable result on the table. You need a good lord, especially if you are against enemy chaos, and vampire counts, because vampires are very tough, but of course, you knew that, having cultivated such a devestating force yourself.

    Good to have a scroll caddy, I don't know if he needs a steed, seems like a bit of a waste of points. I'm sure if you attach him to a unit of chaos warriors or the like instead, he will be adequately protected by his very powerful bretherin.

    NEVER USE LIGHT ARMOUR AND SHIELDS WITH MARAUDERS, especially if you have a mark of nurgle on them. It's a waste of points. a 5+ save is next to useless, and it can be very easily modified so that you have no armour save as well. and with Marauder horsemen, if you take both shield and light armour, then you forfeit their ability to use the rules for fast cavalry outline in the Warhammer rulebook. However, it is good to see you using them, especially against armies such as undead and the like, where it is good to have a unit of these guys fro some affordable muscle. Use these points effectively elsewhere.

    This may not apply to units such as vampire counts and chaos, who really cant shoot much to save their lives, despite the hellcannon (a stupid upgrade in our opinion, if they wanted to give chaos a shooty option, they needed to give us more than just a loony demon-possessed cannon) but you need MISSILE SCREENS to protect your expensive units of chaos warriors and your knights. Don't worry about this if you only intend to face these 2 armies, but you may need some expendable hounds to soak up enemy fire to ensure your warriors and knights make it to the enemy lines with minimal casualties.

    Marauders with mark of khorne and flails are effective, but that's an opinion, and if you were staying with nurgle for fluffs sake, I have no beef with that.

    Furthermore, you lack STR 7 UNITS. This may not be a problem against most armies, but with enemy chaos and vampire counts, who use chaos charriots and black carts (I think thats what they are called, they are the equivalent of charriots, you would know more about this than I would) you may need some str 7 muscle to break apart those chariots, which could otherwise decimate your warriors, which we don't want to happen. I suggest some dragon ogres with great weapons. Yes they are expensive, but they move incredibly quickly like athletes, hit like professional boxers and break units like a martial artist can break bricks. Take a unit of 3 to take out Varghulfs, Black carts and other big nasty things that would otherwise ruin your day with ease. Just watch out for ghouls, who's poisonous attacks hit through their toughness 4 very easily, and can easily drain their 4 wounds. This will set you back 231 points.

    Congratulations on TAKING A WARSHRINE to bolster you chaos warrior unit.

    I would not reccomend STANDARD BEARERS ON MARAUDER UNITS. Marauders are by no means the best combatants ever, but you should err on the side of caution and take them out of your marauder units, for if your marauder units are borken, which they can be quite easily with a determined chaos knight or black knight charge and the enemy earns 100 victory points for the easy capture of this standard.

    I personally LOVE TROLLS. get them into combat with knights and vomit all over them and watch them chemically burn. Trolls will easily break smaller units of heavily armoured foes, but you know that. Be sure to keep them relatively close to your general, because their stupidity is their undoing, but again, you already know that.

    I know its alot to process for a friendly game, but if you'd like to win, and let's be honest, it is not essential to have fun but it is nice to take home a victory, then you may want to consider some of the above advice. Happy gaming, hope you win.

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