Most functions require a painted army, and at this point i have so much painting lined up that I need to figure out just how many to do.

This list is a baseline start For all types of games. I wanted to start with something fun and fine tune it towards more competitive play. Right now I am waiting for the disc rider and hellcannon models which will be the last of my purchases until i have all present models painted.

Level 2 NUrgal Wizard, infernal puppet
Level 2 Nurgal Wizard, 2x Dispel Scroll
Battle Standard Bearer of Tzeech, Disc of Tzeech, Golden Eye of Tzeech, Book of Secrets (fire)

10 Warriors with Full Command, Mark of Slaanesh, Shields, Banner of Wrath (mages go here)
15 Maraders with full command, Flails, Mark of Slaanesh
5 Knights of NUrgal, Muscian, Standard, Rapturous Standard
3x Dragon Ogres, Great Weapons, Champion
3x Dragon Ogres, Great Weapons, Champion
1x Hell Cannon

I really Like Dragon Ogres and would like to move towards Kholek Suneater as an option. Any ideas of present and future changes is welcome. I have many other models (most in poor condition) that i can use to change and expand the army. All feedback is welcome.