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    2k Fluffy Tourni list w/ extra side of fluff

    What i think i like most about the hobby is the fluff and tailoring my armies to that fluff. EX. My Ork army is deff skulls and all my armour is converted from other armies. This list is nothing sort of fluff.

    Basically cultists in the empire have summoned a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch to help with their plans of overthrowing the town/city they live in. With the town lock in a bitter fight for its survival from within a traveler is seen on the road. In comes Festus and his companions to further the will of nurgle.

    535 Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Level 4 Tendrils of tzeencth

    185 Festus the Leech lord
    135 Sorcerer level 1 Dispell Scroll x2

    140 Cultists (count as marauders) LA, Shield, Full Command x20
    140 Cultists (count as marauders) LA, Shield, Full Command x20
    285 Cult Chosen (count as Warriors) GW Full Command x15
    30 Warhounds x5
    30 Warhounds x5
    91 Cult Heralds (count as marauder horsemen) spears light armour Full command x5
    300 Warriors of Nurgle shields full command x15

    130 Warshrine of Chaos

    For the modeling I already have some stuff. For the sorcerer I was gonna use a model from the mordinheim possesed warband. For the cultists i would use free company with some conversions and I already have one of the units done. For the cult chosen I am using the Teutoren Guard models from Storm of Chaos (the hobby store by me still had them!). Cult heralds i would use kislev horse archers (which the store also sells!).

    So any way to improve the list or the fluff is welcome and thanks! I plan to get some pics up soon.

    Repainting Orks not sure how many points yet
    Warriors of Chaos shelved until further notice

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    The idea of giving it fluff is cool because you did it in an intelligent manner (getting the best competitive units like the DP of tzeentch and festus and simply shaped a story around them).

    However you army lacks mobility. You need more cavalry as your army will almost never get to charge. Your marauders cost too much points. They don't need all that armor and a full command as they will most likely die.

    Event he Horsemen should only get a Musician (also you should get at least another unit of these, remove a unit on foot and try to fit in a second unit of horsemen).

    Another thing i notice is the incredible lack of marks on your units. By giving them a Mark of a chaos god you would be improving the unit's chance of effectiveness.

    I would remove one of the Warriors units and try to fit in a unit of knights as they are faster and more hard hitting. Plus they cost less.
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