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    Warriors of Chaos 2250pts Need Help

    Hi I'm new to LO and i need some help trying to put together a Warriors of Chaos Army list. Any advice of comments would help

    Chaos Lord 375pts - Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Axe of khorne, Chaos Rune Shield, Favor of the Gods

    Chaos Sorcerer 210pts - lv2 Wizard, Mark of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch, 2x dispel Scrolls

    Chaos Sorcerer 190pts - lv2 Wizard, Mark of Nurgle, 2x Dispel Scrolls

    Chaos Marauders x25 180pts - Full Command, Light Armour, Shield, Mark of Slaanesh

    Chaos Marauders x25 180pts - Full Command, Light Armour, Shield, Mark of Slaanesh

    Chaos Warriors x14 284pts - Full Command, Shields, Mark of Nurgle (Sorcerer on foot in this unit)

    Chaos Knights x5 260pts - Musician, Standard Bearer, Mark of khorne

    So this is what I have so far I been trying to figure out what to add, any advice would be helpful

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    Welcome to LO

    as far as I can calculate, you've got yourself 1679 points, leaving you some options left for the rest.

    IMO, you should remove 2 warriors from your Chaos Warriors regiment, making them 6x2 wide, instead of 7x2 (or 5x3?) you need to maximize the number of warriors you can get into B2B contact with the enemy, and somehow 6x2 is a nice way to run it, with those rather large bases they have.

    What are your intentions with this list? Have a powerful magic phase or a minimal one? Because with 2 lvl 2 sorcs you're not gonna have a strong phase, and might as well drop them two lvl 1's for the purpose of carrying dispel scrolls to counter your enemies magic. That'll save you 70 points. Also you'd remove the mark and steeds of them, which will save you a further 60'ish points.

    A lord is not the only option to pwn the hell out of enemy characters.
    In your case, I'd make him an Exalted Hero instead, saving you 100! points and take him with a MoT and put him on a disc instead. This way he can work as a War Machine hunter, March blocker and gives him a good shot at small core units or even to take out enemy march blockers which will help your warriors to get to combat.
    You could also make him the Battle Standard Bearer giving you a reroll on break tests in 12'', if you doubt you can kill enought foes to give you the Combat Resolution

    Furthermore, I'm no fan of the infantry marauders. They're just what every1 else has. What we have uniquely is our chaos warriors and chaos knights who pwn everything. I'd make your core choices look like this, removing your marauders:

    12x Warriors + command, mark of something (according to who your playing against) + a magic banner

    12x Warriors + the same

    5x Marauder Horsemen w/ flails, Mark of Khorne and Light armor
    5x Marauder horsemen w/ Light armor, mark of slanesh, throwing axes

    Put a sorc in each of the warr units and run them in the lovely 6x2 (+1) formation. Gives you maximum killing power. These guys can take down most of enemies core and special units with a little help.
    The marauders go for flanking and baiting enemy units due to their Fast Cavalry special rule.

    In addition to this, Hounds are extremely effecient.
    WS4, reroll panic (like all other WoC units) and extremely cheap!
    I'd take at least 2 units of 5 of them if I were you!

    Your chaos Knights looks good, just watch out with that frenzy
    I'd take the banner of rage instead and depending on who you're playing, giving them MoN. Thats kick ass defense against enemy special unit chargers.

    And take an additional unit of Chaos Knights if you'd like. These guys works wonders

    As a last spot everything works. The above hints should make you a standard list both for friendly and competitive games.

    Good luck with it.

    Trial and error works well too :p

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