1999 WoC for club tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1999 WoC for club tourney

    Comments, please:

    Chaos Sorceror, Lvl 2, Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Steed, Conjoined Homunculus, Blood of Tzeentch, Death's Head: 226

    Chaos Sorceror, Lvl 2,MoN, Chaos Steed, Skull of Katam: 206

    Chaos Sorceror, Lvl 2, MoN, Infernal Puppet, Spell Familiar: 190

    Two units of ten marauders with standard and muso 2@52=104

    five marauder horseman w/shield & throwing axes 103

    two units of five warhounds with poisonous attacks 2@45 = 90

    six chaos knights, fc, MoN, Warbanner 370

    ten Chosen Warriors, fc, Great Weapons, MoN; Ch » Favour of the Gods 285

    12 Warriors of Chaos, MoN, AddlHW & Shields, FC 264

    Warshrine, MoN 160

    Total 1998 8 PD 5 Dispel Dice. And of the 8 pd, one can be increased by D3 and all are increased by 1 so long as the sorcs are within 3" of the skull.

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    Well for improvements I will throw some things your way.

    Ok your caster setup. 3 level 2 nurgle dudes is not bad at all, but I am not fond of your equipment choices. The skull is good but expensive and the only way to get get its points worth will be to keep your casters together. That could be tough. It can work well but Im wary of that.

    I dont really like your first caster. The homoculous is risky but it can be worth it in the right situation if you really need a spell. Dont use it a whole bunch or it will end up biting you in the ass. Deaths head doesnt seem to be worth it for the points at all really and blood of tzeetch is ok but there are just so many better items out there imo.

    And your third caster is illegally equiped. He cant have two arcane items.

    Dont bother with command on the marauder units if you are going to run them like that. Banners are free VPs and its just a waste of points. If you dont want core just stick with 40 point units and put em in a corner to take a table quarter. And poinson attacks on warhounds is not worth it either. They arent meant to kill anything.

    I would recommend marking your Warshrine slaanesh. Nurgle really isnt that great for them at all.

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    Not an expert with the WoC, just started playing them. But I have a few points.

    Definitely take the poinsoned attacks off the warhounds, they're not powerful enough to earn it.

    Two squads of TEN marauders with almost upgrades will get waltzed over in a 2000 point game, even by goblins. Not sure what you want to do with these guys, but if you're aiming for expendable troops to block line of sight for your important things, two units of 5 warhounds takes up just as much table space, and costs 60 points instead. The warhounds can keep up with the knights as an advance guard and, honestly, will last just as long as 10 unarmed marauders.

    IMHO this list needs more rank and file infantry. Warriors preferably. Unless super magic heavy is what you're after, I'd make one sorcerer an exalted champion, maybe the BSB. And with 80 points worth of upgrades (by replacing your cheapest caster) he would cause devastation in your main battle line. Not to mention the Battle Standard would ensure that by some freak occurrence your 285 point Chosen squad isn't overrun by a mob of 40 goblins with high static combat res or something.

    Last edited by DarKnife; July 19th, 2009 at 00:04.

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