[2000] Virulent Strains of Obsession - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2000] Virulent Strains of Obsession

    I've just been playing around with lists today, trying to ignore the mess the flat is in.
    So far it's worked fairly well
    But onto the topic at hand.
    This list came about while trying to build a viable list around a pair of Mage/Machine hunters, while being relatively magic-lite and non-cav.

    Virulent Strains of Obsession

    Chaos Sorcerer @ 240 Pts
    General; Mark of Nurgle; Level 2 Upgrade; Palanquin; 2 Dispel Scroll
    (A kind of arm-chair General, he sits back and directs the battle - not a combat monster, but not harmless either)

    Exalted Hero @ 194 Pts
    Mark of Tzeentch; Flail; Disc of Tzeentch; Armour of Morrslieb; Talisman of Protection
    (More of a Machine hunter than a Mage hunter, but still able to slaughter Mages)

    Exalted Hero @ 190 Pts
    Mark of Slaanesh; Shield; Steed of Slaanesh; Sword of Might; Collar of Khorne
    (The flip side hunter, Mages beware, Machines watch out)

    15 Chaos Warriors @ 303 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Halberd; Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer
    (I can't help it, this is pretty much my standard unit, durable and versatile)

    25 Chaos Marauders @ 172 Pts
    Mark of Slaanesh; Light Armour; Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer
    (Provides numbers and weight to encounters, they'll hold firm against most, even if they won't win the combat)

    25 Chaos Marauders @ 172 Pts
    Mark of Slaanesh; Light Armour; Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer
    (See above)

    5 Chaos Warhounds
    5 Chaos Warhounds
    5 Chaos Warhounds
    (I hope I don't have to explain the purpose of these things)

    5 Marauder Horsemen @ 90 Pts
    Mark of Slaanesh; Flail; Light Armour
    (Flanking support, not particularly tough, but can get where you need them)

    5 Marauder Horsemen @ 90 Pts
    Mark of Slaanesh; Flail; Light Armour
    (More flanking support)

    1 Chaos Chariot @ 150 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle
    (Some heavy hitting to aim at small tough units)

    4 Dragon Ogres @ 308 Pts
    Great Weapon
    (The BigBoys, aim at the biggest thing they've got and let go)

    Total Roster Cost: 1999
    Models in Army: 103
    Power Dice: 4
    Dispell Dice: 3 (+2 Scrolls)

    Originally the General was going to be in a buggy, but he complained that he'd have to get in and actually fight; and the DOgres are there for the intimidation factor as much as killing ability.

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    1) With only one mage your better off saving point and making him defensive. Drop the palaquin and level upgrade. You dont really even need the mark. That will save you 105 points and you really wont lose anything.

    2) I would personally mark your warriors slaanesh. Nurgle just hasnt impressed me or its points and not dealing with psychology is really nice. Id also recommend a unit size of 12 but thats up to you.

    3) I think one machine/mage hunter is plenty. Make the other exalted help out your blocks. Make him a BsB and have him support your battle line.

    4) MoN on the chariot seems expensive for what it does. Again I like MoS for its cheapness and great use.

    How have the marauder blocks been doing for you? I have never used them but have been curious about them lately. Do they hold up well?

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