1.5 K, Brothers From Beyond the Veil - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1.5 K, Brothers From Beyond the Veil

    So, I've got a New list, Brothers from Beyond the Veil. I'm putting it here for storage reasons and to hear your criticisms on it.
    Exalted Hero, Shield, Daemonic Mount, Blasphemous amulet and Favor of the Gods 205
    Chaos Sorcerer, lvl 2, MoN, Skull of Katam 190
    Chaos Sorcerer lvl 2, MoT, Book of Secrets, Power Familiar 190

    10 Chaos Warriors, Shields and GW's, Full CMD, War Banner, MoK 265

    16 Chaos Marauders, Flails, MoK, Standard Bearer 118

    25 Chaos Marauders, LA and Shields, Mark of Nurgle, Musician and Standard Bearer 192

    2x5 Chaos Warhounds

    5 Chaos Knights, MoT, Standard Bearer, Blasted Standard+warhound costs 340

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    205 (x7)

    I'm pretty sure Bloodskull Pendant can only go on a guy on foot, or it'd be seen in every list out there. Need to fix that.

    It also just looks tiny, but I think that's becuase I run only 2 characters at this points level, so I can fit in a Hellcannon and some Marauder Horsemen. Anyway, I'd use Halberd over GW's on Warriors, I hate to waste that high initiative, plus it's cheaper. I'd be dropping the Standard on the small unit of Marauders, it's just a little easy to steal the free VPs from them.

    One unit of Knights will be OK, but I'd look at getting them 6-7 strong. Dropping the Skull of Katam and/or a magic level on that guy will achieve it. If the Blasted Standard works for you, that's cool, but the Banner of Rage works well for me, so I always recomend it.

    Good luck!


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