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    Just another 2k list

    Hideeho people!

    I've been away from this board for some time now, but now im back, and with a brand new list. I used to play the Tzeentch Daemon Gateway spam, but since everybody uses that list now, I made a new one. This time it's about casting Rot, Glorious Rot.

    How do I want to cast it? It's a nice spell with a huge range, and it also affects units in combat. No daemonprince this time, let's make use of the spell and get it off in combat alot. First off, the caster.

    Sorc Lord, Level 4, Mark of Nurgle, Armour of Morrslieb, Spell Familiar
    @ 340 points

    Not to expensive, and does what he has to do. 4+ armour and 4+ safe vs non magic should be enough if I play my cards right.

    Exalted hero, Mark of Tzeentch, BSB, Banner of the Gods, Disc, Halberd, Shield
    @ 299 points

    So basicly, I want to pin down my enemy, and than take them out with Rot. Stubborn cheap units of marauders will do fine, so that's why I put in this character.

    Sorceror, Level 2, Mark of Tzeentch, Dispell Scrol X2
    @ 190 points

    A Flickering Fire per turn is always usefull, and it helps me clear away small fast units of skirmishers/knights that bother me.

    Sorceror, Level 2, Power Familiar, Book of Secrets.
    @ 170 points

    My favorite character in the list! An undivided sorceror! This one can do alot different things. He's got acces to the lore's of death and fire who both have some really usefull spells in. Think, casting both fireball, hand of death, or conflagration of doom/wall of fire. Even sword of ruin is really nice on a character with this statline. But the nicest to get would be drain life. It does the same as Rot, glorious rot, but only a bitt less impressive. Still, if I get both spells, the enemy will have even more spells to safe his dispell dice for.

    23 Marauders, Mark of Slaanesh, Hand weapon, Shield, Banner, Champion,
    @ 164 Points
    Lord+Undivided Sorc goes here.

    24 Marauders, Mark of Slaanesh, Hand Weapon, Shield, Banner, Champion,
    @ 170 points
    Tzeentch Sorc goes here.

    Stubborn body's and package carry for my characters.

    5 Marauder Horseman of Slaanesh, Flails, Light Armour,
    @ 90 points

    5 Warhounds
    @ 30 points

    Flanking, redirecting, harrasement. The usual stuff.

    5 Knights of Tzeentch, Banner, Banner of Wrath
    @ 285 points

    Pinning enemy's down and try to kill them with a spell every turn, has some leaks. Can i get it cast? Will I miscast? What if my sorceror dies? These bad boys are used to flank the units of marauders, and decimate anyone who gets stuck in them. Giving them the banner of wrath pulls another dispell dice, and makes sure they kill something even when there not combating.

    2 Chariots of Slaanesh
    @ 2X 130 points

    What's an anvil without a hammer? Same as the knights, these guys crush enemy's beneath there weels when my enemy's get stuck.

    Total points : 1998
    Power : 12 + bound spell
    Dispell : 6
    Models : 68

    Anyone with some improvements? cc always welcome.


    Last edited by callmeHK; July 24th, 2009 at 09:17. Reason: some terrrible spelling :P

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