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    Trying something different... 2K mostly unmounted

    Just been thinking about what would make a good army without 3-4 sorcerers and all mounted...

    I know it may not be as competitive, but here it is:

    Exalted Hero, BDB, MoS, Steed of Slaanesh, Flail, Shield - 173
    Sorcerer, Scroll x 2


    6x Hounds
    6x Hounds
    25x Marauders, LA, HW,S, MoS
    25x Marauders, LA, HW,S, MoS
    12x Warriors, Xtra HW, Shield, MoS, Standard Bearer, Warbanner
    12x Warriors, Xtra HW, Shield, MoS, Standard Bearer

    12x Chosen, MoTz, Halberds, Shields, Full Command, Blasted Standard, Favour
    6x Knights, Standard, Banner of Rage

    Warshrine, MoS

    I'm concerned because it doesn't have much in the way of characters, or magic...

    does anyone think this kind of build would be effective? what woudlmake this list more effective?

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    Imo, the biggest problem with big blocks is that you will get outmanouvred if you don't have the right amount of "removal." "Removal" comes in alot of different ways. Shooting, magic, fast shock troops. You have almost none.

    Try to get some marauder horsemen in, to make up for the lack of magic misseles, to kill those anoying units of fast cavalry and skirmishers. If you really want to keep it unmounted, 2 spawns can do the job to, but not quite as effective as horsemen.

    btw, tzeentch on the chosen? That's an expensive unit to lose to a terror test mate. Make sure you keep your fear/terror causing with the warshrine when you need it!

    just my $0.02

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