Ok I can finally enter a tournament! This will be my first ever tourney with WoC (my 2nd overall) and i have been playing for 6 years! The rules are 2,500pts, no paint score (although there is a separate contest for painting, the score doesn't get added to your tourney points) and no comp score (which i don't know what that is). So here is my attempt at a overpower list, but I don't know how could i will do game wise so i still will paint my guys up nice and stick to some fluff, as i like the fluff a lot!.

The army is loosely based off Tzeentch cultists summoning a Daemon Prince and Festus showing up with some of his nurgle friends.

555 Daemon Prince of Tzeentch lvl 4 tendrils of Tzeentch, fury of the blood god

185 Festus the leechlord
190 Sorcerer of Tzeentch lvl 2 Power familiar, dispell scroll
180 Exalted hero BSB shild blasted standard

315 Warriors of Nurgle Great Weapons Full command x15
140 marauders light armor shields full command x20
60 Warhounds x10
96 Marauder horsemen flails, light armor, throwing axes musician
96 Marauder horsemen Flails, light armor, throwing axes musician

240 Knights of Nurgle musician x5

150 Warshrine of Tzeentch

total 2207
can add: 293

Should I add warriors, knights, or ogres? I think i will add mark of slaanesh to the marauders (but call it something else to fit the fluff)
Any help is welcome