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    First ever post, 1500 pts

    Morning guys, i've been browsing LO for about 2 months now, been regestered for about 2 weeks, finally got around to posting something. Anyway, i've been playing WFB for about 12 years now, and nearly all of that time has been Chaos in one form or the other. I've got a tournement in 3 weeks, it's a 1500 point one, the last time i went to this tournement i came 2nd last, and the time before about 3/4 way down the list. The problem being, i like fluffy, in particular, i like khorne. I've tried other gods lists but when i sit down i invaribly end up reaching for the red paint.

    I felt really harshly done by on the new book, but i feel i've adapted slightly, out has gone my warriors and marauders (see slow) and in has come fast. Now i know people may suggest it, but at the moment i'm down right refusing mages but if an argument is well made i may consider it. I played a game against a long time friends (who i've played many times) HEs last night, and i acheived my biggest ever result, only lost 5 hounds and a marauder horseman. 5 hounds actually killed his Dragon mage, passed the terror test on their own, his mage missed, i got a wound on the mage, and his dragon rolled 1/2s to hit, he fled and was caught.

    Now i know that's not normal, and i do think if that hadn't happened on turn 2 the game would have gone differently, but i'm liking the 'in your face' attitude of my army, and the number of units also. So here goes, i'd like to knonw what (you considerably more thoughtful and insightful) people think.

    Exalted of Khorne
    - Axe of Khorne, favour, Jugger, shield - 230

    5 Marauder Horse
    - Khorne, flails - 105

    As above

    As above

    5 Hounds - xx

    As above

    As above

    As above

    As above

    2 x Chariots of Khorne

    5 Knights of Khorne wth Champ and Banner Bearer - 280

    Giant of Khorne

    That comes to 1490 (of 1500 if i give the Knights Musicians)

    I was thinking of dropping the giant into 2 spawn and taking another exalted to lead some marauders, or dare i say it, even a sorceror (if we can find a place for it) (bearing in mind it probably wo'nt be marked if i do take one) but the giant is the only thing (apart from knights) that can hold up a turn in combat if it doesn't win.

    Anyway, any thoughts and critisisms will be welcome, would also like the learned members of the chaos community for the idea of the 'cruise missile'


    P.S I apologise if you find it hard to read, although English is my first language, what with me living in Manchester and all, writing never was my strong point

    P.P.S i also feel i should mention that unit options are alll catered for in my extensive model catagory, they may not be painted, but i've got marauders, warriors, DOs, Trolls, Ogres, Shagoth, 4 Spawn, so i can cater for any alteration that people suggest

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