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Thread: 500 pts tourney

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    500 pts tourney

    Every year my school goes to a team based tourney, using modified border petrol rules.
    May have a hero
    -no more than 150 pts
    -1 magic Item 25 pts limit
    At least 1 ten strong unit on foot
    no more than two levels of magic
    only 1 special OR rare

    Missions are Kill, caputure and safe as houses ( Theres three houses need two to win)

    My list: Sorc w/ BoS and lvl 2 145 pts
    10 Warriors w/ sheilds Mos muscian
    10 Warriors w/ AHW Mos muscain 176 each

    I've got a strong magic phase. And warriors in a house is pure bad ass
    Not bad I think. but would like some advice to see if can be improved.

    Army W/D/L
    WoC 8/3/5
    Spikey is better!

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    I keep getting told that magic is unreliable at such low points value and the latest iteration of my 500pt army is using an exalted instead. But i do like magic and if you take death and fire as lores (as it doesnt look like you've marked your sorc) you're guaranteed 2 magic missiles at 2 dice, but you could drop to lvl 1 and have the same casting power really as that 1 die left over isn't doing to help much

    with the spare points you could get a unit of 5 hounds or equip your warrior units something like:

    10 warriors - mos, musi, shields, halberds or AHW

    so they're more protected from shooting as both units have shields and I'd probably go for halberds for S5 attacks (though one unit with each would probably work well)

    alternatively, you could mark a unit with either halberds or AHW as khorne and go for uber killy death as at this pts level theres probably not going to be led around the board much

    edit: in fact my similar setup would be this:

    Sorc - lvl 1, BoS, Steed (death & fire for two 2dice magic missiles a turn, 2+ armour save, stick him in a warrior unit for a frontage of 6 with 2 ranks)

    10 warriors - MoS, musi, shields, halberds
    10 warriors - MoS, musi, shields, halberds

    Total: 498
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