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    1K Friendly WoC List

    I'm a new WoC player and I wanted to know what could be fixed in this list. I like "heavy" units where there's few but they're strong so I don't have any maruaders except some horsemen so here it is:

    Exalted Hero of Khorne 130p


    Chaos Sorcerer of Slaanesh 130p
    -Biting Blade


    15 Chaos Warriors 240p

    12 chaos Warriors 192p
    -Extra Hand Weapons

    5 Chaos Warhounds 30p

    5 Marauder Horseman 85p
    -Light Armour

    5 Chaos Knights 200p

    Chaos Chariot 120p

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    I would lose the shields on the marauder horsemen, since they lose their Fast Cavalry rule with your current setup. With those points saved, buy them a musician. And on the second unit of warriors I'd take away the extra hand weapons (they already have 2A) and give them shields for that little extra durability.

    Of course it's a personal thing but I tend to go with the thought: "Nothing says 'elite' like a fully mounted Chaos army." My problem with a walking deathmachine like yours is that, against the wrong opponents, my fear is that it's going to be turned in an arrow cuision before it exchanged it's first hit.

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