I'm looking for something fun and a break from DE, but able to at least win a few games. The units were also selected since they're mostly available from the battallion and should be fairly cheap on ebay for a fun army. I haven't decided on magic items since I'm still not too sure what to take yet, but will still allocate the max points allowed for now. I absolutely love the jugger model so will definitely include him too

Exalted hero = 230
Favor of the gods, Juggernaught, MoK, Enchanted shield, Magic weapon (maybe just a sword of might?)

Sorcerer = 210
Level 2, MoT, Disc, Items

Sorcerer = 190
Level 2, MoN, Items

11 Warriors = 189
MoS, Shields (Sorc on foot joins this)

5 Knights = 215
MoK (Jugger joins this)

40 Hounds - split into units of 10 and 5 depending on opponent and table

2 units of
5 Horsemen with throwing axes & musician
12 Warriors with MoS & Halberds

The picture here is a small group of elite Chaos Warriors with a large pack hounds to do the dirty work. I think taking the horsemen may be better but they wouldn't really fit in the theme of all warriors, and I think I would have enough hounds to deal with whatever the horsemen would like to do?

I was also thinking of taking Tzeentch & Nurgle lores for my sorcs for balance (something from each patron), but don't have much experience with them. Are there items which are better to take for each lore?