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    2000pts Infantry vs Magic/Shooting

    At first I wanted an infantry-based list with Banner of the gods.
    Then I came to realization that pure infantry will probably be massacred by heavy magic (especially) and with shooting (to a lesser extent).
    So i've started with characters, trying to remedy this by going as magic-heavy and as maneuverable as possible. It ate up a good thousand points..
    ..thrown in a pair of mounted marauders to hunt warmachines, a pair of chariots to support my infantry... and suddenly realized that i have only 361 point left for my "main infantry body" Oh well...
    ..361 point = 90 "naked" stubborn meat-bags.

    Here's the list i ended up with:

    Sorcerer Lord
    Level 4
    Mark of Tzeentch, Disc of tzeentch
    Conjoined Homunculus, Bloodcurdling roar, Fury of the Blood god
    Armour of Morrslieb, Rod of Torment
    ------------------------------------------------- 450

    Level 2
    Mark of Tzeentch
    Collar of Khorne, Enchanted shield
    Disc of Tzeench

    Level 2
    Mark of Nurgle
    Diespell scroll
    Book of secrets/Power familliar, Chaos steed

    Exalted hero
    BSB, Banner of the gods, Chaos steed

    2x5 Marauder horsemen
    Light armour, Flails, Musician

    2 x Chaos chariot
    Mark of slaanesh

    10 Marauders (Bsb bunker, will go right behind the main battle line)
    Light armour, Shields
    Mark of slaanesh

    3x30 Marauders

    1999 Points
    11 PD
    1 bound
    6 DD

    It might work, it might not, but what I've learned, is that it seems to be impossible to have both heavy magic, banner of the gods, and combat-worthy infantry in 2000 points limit.
    So the question remains open, if i am to go as competitve as possible, while sticking to infantry - which is the best solution to solve heavy magic and shooting problem?
    2x Double hellcannons and infernal puppet for those missfires? Huge blocks of marauders/warriors(with blasted standard) with MR items / khornate exalteds on jaggers in them? The black tongue (did anyone test it)?

    P.S: I am fully aware that all-cav is more tournament worthy, but I am ready to make this sacrifice here.

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