2000 pts vs Orcs and Goblins - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pts vs Orcs and Goblins

    I have just recently got back into the hobby and have collected a Chaos warriors army.

    My record at the moment with my warrior is 2 wins - 1 loss.

    My loss was my first game against a Veteran Orcs and Goblins player who totally annihilated my army by turn 3.

    I have a rematch against this player next Monday and really want to beat him. His army is huge with lots of room for variety.

    From watching him play the last couple of weeks i know that he likes to field lots of Calvary, chariots and a Wyvern. With 2 large mobs of 25 Orc arrer and normal orc boyz in support.

    My army is mostly made up of infantry in my collection i have
    96 Chaos Warriors
    40 Marauders with flails ( can proxy with hand weapon and shield)
    10 Marauder Horsemen with flails
    15 Knights
    20 War hounds
    1 Lord on Jugger
    1 Lord on Demonic Mount
    10 Chosen
    3 Trolls
    4 Sorcerers
    3 Exalted/Lords on foot
    (i can proxy some of the Knights as exalted on steeds due to converting some of them)

    What would you recommend I field against him? I really want to use the lord on the Jugger but am worried about him becoming a liability.

    my base 1500 point army i use is
    15 Warriors+ additional hand weapons+ standard

    15 Warriiors+ hand weapon and Shield+ standard

    25 Marauder Flails + slannesh

    5 Knights standard+ Rapturous standard banner

    Exalted- Steed, Flail, Armour of Morselib,

    Sourceer- Nurgle, 2nd level, Dispel Scroll and Power Familiar

    10 Chosen Full command+ Favour of gods for the champion

    (im thinking of dropping the chosen and taking mauder horsemen instead since i recently got these)

    thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Well, if he has got a lot of cavalry, stay away from khorne, sorry mate, but he'll use your frenzy to his fast moving advantage.
    Your knights here are aces, they will melth through most of his infantry and cav. like knife through butter.
    Due to the Wyvern, Slanees will be effective here. You most definetly want to be able to ignore the terror tests he can cause.
    A hell-cannon is usefull, due to the low leadership of orcs.
    You want a ExC on a disc with a flail as a chariot popper.

    And thats my 5 cents. Good luck mate.

    "Scream your lungs out!"
    Manorr Stormbreaker, the Silent - Lord of Khorne

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