So, after my first few games at 2000pts, I am looking to expand my list for 2500pt games. My idea is to make an allcomers list.

I think I like the build of this army. It seems pretty balanced. I'm just wondering if my characters are set-up the best way. Any suggestions to make the list better?

Lord+MoT+shield+bard horse+axe of K+fav of gods+C of K+word of ag=369 (All round lord, can handle challenges to Goes with the knights with the war ban)

Ex hero+flail+shield+MoT+disc+golden eye+bsb=199 (warmachine hunter etc)
Sorcerer+lvl2+MoT+book of sec+scroll=190 (offensive/defensive wizard)
Sorcerer+lvl2+MoN+pow fam+scroll=190 (offensive/defensive wizard)

5 warhounds
6 warhounds
6 warhounds
11 warriors+MoS+shields+halberds+m+sb=215
12 warriors+MoS+shields+halberds+m+sb=232
5 horsemen+MoS+la+flails+m=96

6 knights+MoN+m+sb+ban of rage=335
5 knights+MoN+m+sb+war ban=285
3 Dragon ogres+gw's=231

Spawn (distraction & mini tarpit!)