2000 point army for the blood god - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point army for the blood god

    Hi to all the gamers out there!!! I'm starting a new army, and i had trouble deciding but chose my old favourite, the warriors of choas. My favourite God was khorne and made a list dedicated to Him. here it is. Any suggestions would be great

    Lord of Khorne
    MoK, Shield, Chaos runesword, Bronze armour of Zhrakk, Juggernaut

    Exalted Hero
    MoK, Shield, Bloodcurdling roar, Axe of Khorne

    Lv2, Barded Steed, Power Familiar

    12 Warriors of Chaos
    shields, MoK, F/C

    12 Warriors of Chaos
    Add hand weapons, MoK, Champ, SB

    16 Marauders
    Shields, light armour, MoK, F/C

    5 Marauder Horsemen
    Light Armour, MoK, Throwing Axes, F/C

    5 Chaos Knights
    Banner of Fury, Ensorcelled Lances, F/C

    10 chosen
    Shields, F/C

    Total 1999

    If anyone has any experience fighting Tomb Kings, Ogres or Vamp Counts, and know how to smash them with Warriors of Chaos I'd be happy to listen

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    You said you were up against TK, OK and VC. All these armies are fear-causing, so MoK is a very viable choice since your frenzy grants you immunity to fear. There are some things I don't like with the army though.

    Your sorcerer should certainly not have a power familiar, your magic is too weak to actually cast some spells. Any list with decent magic protection will be able o dispel all your spells. Drop it and add two scrolls instead.

    All your warriors should have shields, that armor i neccessary.

    I can't really see the use of MoK marauders with shields and LA. Better just remove this unit and spend the points elsewhere.

    The perfect combination for offensive horsemen is MoK and flails and LA if you have the points. No command is needed either.

    If you take the lances upgrade for knights they lose their ensorcelled bonuses, like being magical. IMO it's not worth the points to switch permanent +1 strength for +2 strength on the charge. In longer combats the ensorcelled weapons are better. If your general is going to be in the knights units it's good to have a champion. That way the general can hack'n'slash normal troops if you want.

    Your chosen unit doesn't have MoK?

    You're in really grave need of some warhounds in this army. You want them to screen your own troops, that way your opponent can't bait them too easy.

    Hope it helps

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