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    Fast, dragon-led 2250 :)

    list first, explanations later

    Sorc Lord - MoN, lvl 4, Spell Familiar, Collar of Khorne, Scroll, Bloodcurdling Roar, Enchanted Shield, Chaos Dragon

    Exalted - BSB, MoT, Disk, Banner of the Gods, Shield

    Sorc - lvl 2, Power Familiar

    5 Marauder Horse - MoS, Flails, Musi
    5 Marauder Horse - MoS, Throwing Axes, Mus
    5 Marauder Horse - MoS, Throwing Axes, Mus
    5 Puppies
    5 Puppies

    5 Knights - MoS, Musi
    3 DOs - GWs

    Giant - MoS


    Sorc Lord - Well i've always wanted to irritate people with a dragon tbh sorc lord will flap about casting spells, roaring at things, dragon with breathe at things. nurgle seems to have the most utility... RGR bombs, regen, buboes sniping, short range plague squall

    BSB - As i have no static combat res anywhere on the board this little guy is there to provide stubborny goodness wherever its needed (secondary terror bomb as well) will most likely float near the DOs and Knights

    Sorc - prolly take death magic, extra p. dice for lord

    Puppies - screening/redirecting units

    MoS Horsemen - redirectors, baiters, march blockers, flankers

    Knights - Anvil Unit, with MoS and possible stubborn from BSB these guys should never break

    DOs - hammer unit, these guys kill things. period. also, scary unit on table should draw some fire away from flappy lord

    Giant - makes cannons think, amusement factor

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    I ran a very similar list not too long ago and it was very sick along with being the most fun game I have experienced.

    I ran the nurgle sorc on dragon and it was very effective. Instead of having an exalted which I find to be a huge waste of points and not fitting for the list, I ran with 2 support MoT casters for flickering spam and I came packed with rod of torment/banner of wrath(on knights). Very hard magic phase for your opponent to control along with the breathe/shooting of the dragon.

    I ran 3 groups of horsemen completely naked. Using them to basically take over the warhounds slot. Used 2 groups of knights with the giant giving your opponent even more trouble to think about.

    Very fun and effective.

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