Hi guys, I've got this new army that I want your opinions on. My purpose of the army is that it should be playable, and still get a nice army composition score (found here)

Warriors of Chaos
2250 pts

Exalted Hero; Tzeentch, Daemonic Mount, Collar of Khorné, Shield, Flail 204 pts
Exalted Hero; Tzeentch, Disc, BSB, Shield, Banner of the Gods 295 pts
Sorcerer; Tzeentch, Disc, Scroll 150 pts
Sorcerer; Tzeentch, Scroll 130 pts

Warriors (10 ); Nurgle, FC, Shields, Halberds 232 pts
Warriors (12); Khorné, FC, Shields, Halberds 264 pts
Marauders (24); Slaanesh, FC, Shields, Light Armour 174 pts
Horsemen (5); Slaanesh, Musician 85 pts
2x Warhounds (5) xx pts

Knights (5); Nurgle, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Rage 295 pts
Chariot; Slaanesh 130 pts
Dragon Ogres (3); Great Weapons 231 pts

PD 4
DD 4 + 2 Scrolls
Total wounds: 90

I'll tell you where my characters will be.
My general on daemonic mount will be rolling with the nurgle warriors. He's sitting on the mount to give the unit immunity to fear. Collar of Khorné for ward save and magic res.
BSB on disc will (obviously) be flying around, keeping himself out of combat, while boosting troops in need with his BSB abilities.
Disc-sorcerers goal is to marchblock, and throw a Flickering Fire on valuable targets if possible.
Other sorcerer joins the marauder block for protection. He will spam Flickering Fire too. (Note. I really love Flickering Fire, it has proven to be the best spell in my arsenal.)

I've had rather limited success in putting my Knights on the flank, so I'm thinking of just putting them straight in the middle and aim for the center. But it would be great if I learned how to handle them on the flank, they could really make Chaos there . Would there be a good thing to put the Knights and the horsemen on the flank, Horsemen for redirecting/blocking/screening etc?

The Dragon Ogre's main quest is to get into combat with the nastiest thing the opponent has quickly. Hopefully, with some help from the BSB, they will tie him down until help arrives.

My warrior units can accompany each other, with the warhounds screening the Khorné one. If needed, the general can charge out and kill things, but I don't think it's neccessary.

Marauder block + flank covering Chariot could work really well. The Chariot will (hopefully) keep units to get too close.

So what do you think?