So here is a DP infantry army thats magic heavy.

Demon Prince Nurgle lvl 4 w/ tendrils, roar, fury blood god 590

lvl 2 sorc w/ steed, scroll, book secrets 186
lvl 2 sorc nurgle w/e scroll, e. shield 180
E.Hero nurgle BSB w/ steed, shield, glaive 200

17 Warriors Nurgle w/ shield, halberd,banner rage, champ,standard(6x3) 378
(contains foot wizard)

11 Warriors nurgle w/ shield, halberd, rapturous standard,champ,standard(5x3) 253
(contains BSB and mounted wizard)

5 horsemen w/ flails 75

5 dogs
5 dogs

chariot 120

Hellcannon 205

Yes, there is no knights, my first army without them. I've played 2 games with it so far, once against a combat lizardmen army, and once against a woodelf shooty army. Against the lizardmen he had a dino army with 2 heroes in ancient stegs and an oldblood on a carnosaur. The only real way to stop these things was magic. I used my hounds to redirect his oldblood for a while, as he had the no armour save weapon which was no bueno. In the end it was magic which saved my ass, however he had like 6 DD and 3 scrolls so it was hard to get too much off. In the end it was a draw with only my DP alive on my side however he does cost 590 pts.

Second game was against wood elves. I got a quick lucky blast that didnt scatter too bad, and cause his wildkin unit to flee off the table with a noble. After that it was downhill for him as that noble had Hail of doom arrow. The major issue this game was keeping my DP from getting pincushioned, if i didnt luckily panic his noble off i feel he would've died. It would've been a massacre for me however we called it early after a couple turns.

Anyhow the idea of this army is to advance with 2 beefy blocks of warriors with big warrior blocks that are flank protected by a hellcannon, horsemen, and DP, the dogs are mostly for redirection. I like the army however i'm scared of one major thing, warmachines. I feel they would tear me apart and I have no good way to deal with them.

My wishlist(if I had the points):
put musicians in the warrior units and the M Horsemen unit
MoN on the mounted wizard
MoS on the chariot
bronze armor on BSB? (haven't faced too much killing blow but with khorne and wights im scared!)

Lemme know what u guys think.