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    1k WoC Competitive

    So, I'm going to be part of Season's Beatings for fun(I don't have the time or the Fantasy know-how to even hope of winning. ). I think there are going to be senarios and I don't think there are fixed lists(although there might be). One thing I do know for certain though is that you will play one game and then swap armies and play another game right after. So, whatever you bring, you're going to fight.

    I was thinking of something like this:

    Hero(General): Sorcerer
    Level 2 Wizard, Mark of Tzeentch, Power Familiar, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch
    210 Points

    Hero: Sorcerer
    Mark of Nurgle, Book of Secrets
    130 Points

    Core: 12xWarriors of Chaos
    Shields, Champion, Standard Bearer, MoS
    226 Points

    Core: 20xMarauders
    Light Armor, Shields, Standard, Musician, MoS
    142 Points

    Core: 5xWarhounds
    30 Points

    Core: 5xWarhounds
    30 Points

    Special: 5xChaos Knights
    Mark of Nurgle
    230 Points

    998 Points

    Any hints, tips or suggestions? I'm thinking about picking up a unit of 5 Horsemen. Maybe replacing the Dogs and the Knights MoN with:

    Shields, Throwing Axes, Musician
    88 Points

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    I have a couple little tidbits of advice for your heros and your core.
    1st off your tzeentch sorcerer will probably have 1 useful spell most of the time, it'll be flickering flame. It's somewhat useless to give him a power familiar unless you need the table dice for the other sorcerer. I'd advise you give Book of Secrets to the tzeentch sorcerer as he has +1 to cast, and a better save in case something bad happens. Also it has the same effect as the power familiar, addds +1 powerdice. The nurgle sorcerer I'd advise you to make him lvl 2 and give him nothing or an infernal puppet. You've got alot of good spells in the nurgle lore that can get off on 3 dice. Infernal puppet so you can spam spells alot more safely or mess up a spellcasting opponent.

    My second bit of advice is to cut out a warhound unit and buff up your warriors, give em halberds with the savings and add in a chieftan.

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