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    Nurgle Magic 2250 think really good need advice!

    Alright guys i wrote an army list im really pumped to try out. However I have one thing i want to fit in and i want advice. Here is the list:

    Sorcerer Lord Nurgle lvl 4 w/ Word Agony, Puppet, Book Secrets, E shield, scroll 430
    (goes in warriors)

    sorc lvl 2 Nurgle w/ steed, scroll, power familiar, homunculus 226
    (goes in trolls probably, or knights)

    BSB nurgle w/ steed, flail, rod of torment 225

    Festus 185

    23 marauders MoN w/ F.C, L.A, shields 188

    14 Warriors MoN w/ FC, Shield,Halberd,rapturous standard 318

    3 trolls 135

    hellcannon 205

    5MH w/ flails 75

    5 knights 200

    5 dogs 30
    5 dogs 30

    So basically, the marauder unit has six static res (with outnumber), 4+ armor save, 5+ regen, and MoN so it will be actually quite tough. Then the bsb in there can do some spanking, with poisoned attacks to help take out things like stegadons. Then the warrior unit is another anvil, with 3 static res and then rapturous standard with a BSB nearby to make them stick really well. As a hammer i got knights, trolls, MH, and even the hellcannon if need be. My flanks should be fine with a hellcannon, and then MH and dogs for redirecting nasty stuff. With a whopping 12 PD and bound item i should dominate in magic phase and my blocks should hold their own.

    My one question is, i want to fit in sopoforic musk on my bsb, because if the marauder unit can break something then I have a much better chance of chasing them down and getting double victory points from festus! However to fit this in I would probably drop humonculus from the wizard, however i like having that on him because he can cast buboes on one die, and then use 2 to cast another spell. And if he is stupid, well he is in the trolls.

    Im really eager to try this army out, lemme know any input out there, likes/dislikes.

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    Few things.

    Festus makes a unit tough, but he himself is easy to kill.

    I like the idea of the musk with festus, never tried it. The question is, do you want to make anyone of your guys stupid. Its the unfortunate side effect of the homoculous and it really isn't worth it. Rolling a 2 on 1 die is always a fail, so you still have over 1/3 chance to fail buboes on 1 die + conjoined. A level 2 nurgle sorcerer should just use his own 2 dice and buboes.

    I'd also question the point sink that is Word of Agony.
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