Chaos Lord w/ MoN, barded steed, runeshield, axe of khorne, favour of gods, sopoforic musk 376 pts

Exalted BSB w/ MoN, Warbanner, shield, flail, barded steed 205

Sorc w/ 2 scrolls, steed 151

Throgg 175

5 MH w/flails,LA,MoK 110
5 MH w/ flails 75
3 trolls 135
5 dogs
5 dogs
5 dogs

3 Dragon Ogresw/ GW 231
5 knightsw/ MoN,musician,banner of rage 295
5 knightsw/ MoN,Musician,Rapturous Standard 280
chariot slaanesh 130

This army has lots and lots of hard hitting units. The major thing i'm debating with this list are the magic items on my heroes. Currently I have the Chaos lord be tooled up to kill enemy characters and the BSB will give lots of combat res. These are the other builds i'm looking at.

Build 2:
Chaos lord collar of khorne, +75 pts more items
BSB w/ fury of the blood god
I'm worried that with only one scroll caddy magic could cause me some serious harm. This will give me some MR in my knight units which will be the primary target of magic. As for the rest of the items on the chaos lord i wasn't so sure. I looked at runesword, aethersword, axe of khorne, and glaive as possible weapons. As armor either runeshield or armour of damnation or nothing. I want to put bronze armour on but then you can't use his LD 9 which is one of the main reasons to take a lord in the first place.

Something else I was thinking about, taking my scroll caddy off the steed and put him in the chariot, this will save me 36 points as well as giving the chariot unit strength 5.