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    Chaos pre-disposition towards heavy magic

    Ok let me start by saying you may not agree with what Im about to say and I am quite happy to have a constructive debate with you but please not u dum fool type stuff(doesn't usally happen on this forum anyway but just to be sure)

    When constructing lists it goes (almost) without saying that there has to be a scroll caddy present somewhere. So lets keep him cheap and basic. Thats 135 points. Now lets not pretend that this is in any way a decent magic defence. For another army (empire spring to mind) this would be no big deal beacause a unit of them with detachments and command can come in round about 220 for 30 guys. There is no easy magical way to kill these boys so to some extent empire generals can grin and bare magic because they outnumber their opponent (often by more than 2 to 1)

    However for chaos any specialised lores(Wood elfs, vampires, tomb kings, dark elfs, daemons and chaos warriors) that are heavy on magic will be incredibly hard to overthrough because your letting them do exactly what they intended when they sat down and wrote the list.

    In addition to that any lore of metal capable armies will see your crack combat units (knights, warriors, lords, ) turn to dust.

    Now the odvious solution to this is to purchise a second scroll caddy. This leaves your list with 4 dispel scrolls and 4 dice costing 270 points. A very inballenced magic defence i'm sure you'll agree. When I write a list with this magic defence I can just imagine playing a vampire 1 die casting list or a wood elf tree singing spam one. Ecentially your opponent can pay 500 points ish and completley overule you in magic. That gap of 230 points cost you magic phase control.

    So at least for me it is incredibly difficult not to simply through in another wizard and change them all to level 2 (or in some cases 4). Your magic phase now consumes more than 500 points of your army(normally much more)

    I poor over the chaos codex to try and find a way of getting out of this endless circle and god help me I can't find it. Am I being stupid in thinking that 2 scroll cadies is both inefficent and does not have enough actual die or that 1 isn't enough?

    edit:plz move to proper section and sorry

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    4 scrolls isn't really overkill. Would you pay 300 points to have a solid way to stop shooting? And while we can't exactly do it cheap, our scroll caddies aren't that bad in combat. Maybe not a warrior, but close to it. Well actually they have the exact same stats as a naked chaos warrior.

    You could also try scroll buggies. 235 points for a chariot that doesn't cost a special slot, comes with 2 scrolls and 1 dispel die, can take table quarters and negate ranks and only loses 1 strength for 2 of its 6 attacks. It also is slightly more resilient to shooting, some might random onto the character who has a better save. By the time you want to charge and risk your sorcerer, you probably have the scrolls already burnt.

    I always play magic heavy, but if I didn't, I can definitely see how 2 scroll buggies would work out.
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    I would tend to agree with you simplebut. The scroll buggies idea is good and i've definitely put some thought into it. It seems we have no real good way of stopping magic, and where I play its often Magic heavy army lists. Tzeentch demons, Slaan armies, VC armies, etc. I've tried two scroll caddies and it will work but thats a lot of points invested in magic defense in my opinion, might as well just upgrade them to lvl 2. I've thought about one scroll caddy and using an all mounted list, hoping i'm in combat turn 2. If playing VC then just go for that vampire lord asap. What i'm worried about is lore of beasts casting beast cowers on my knight units, and lore of metal just totally killing my army.

    Another thing I have considered. 2 lvl 2 wizards MoN, one with 2 scrolls other with puppet. Then an exalted hero with black tongue. with six PD you can hopefully get off one buboes on a wizard, then use black tongue and modify the miscast to a str 8 hit or something and kill a wizard quickly. I haven't tested this but its an idea.

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