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    Decisions, Decisions

    Okay, i'm working on a WoC Tzeentch list. The basic setup is as follows

    Chaos Sorcerer
    lvl2, Black tounge, mot, disc

    Chaos Sorcerer
    level2, mot, Infernal puppet, disc

    18 Marauders
    MoT, Shields, light armor

    5 marauder horsemen
    Throwing spears,

    15 warrirors
    MoT, SHields, SB, Musician, Rapturous standard

    5 Warhounds

    5 Warhounds

    5 Knights
    MoT, SB, Musician, Blasted standard

    5 Knights
    Mot, SB, Musician

    Okay I cannnot decide whetehr to add a second unit of warriros with mot, SHields, SB and muscian, or a 3rd unit of knights with MoT, SB and musician as well as a 3rd unit of warhounds to screen them.

    As for a General I do not know whether to add a level 4 Sorcerer lord on disc with skul of katam, golden eye of Tzeentch, and book of secret, or a Chaos lord on Daemonic mount with MoT, Runesword, Golden eye, Favor of the gods and enchanted shield, or Said lord instead of a daemonic steed i take a dragon and diabolic splendor.

    So the basic choices are

    Lord on dragon

    Lord on daemonic mount/warrirors
    Lord on Darmonic mount/knights and warhounds

    Sorcerer lord/warriors
    Sorcerer lord/knights and warhounds

    If i take the dragon i cannot add a 3rd unit of knights and warhounds, or 2nd unit of warriors. Suggestions would be welcome and the total points cost for any of these combinations with what i have already in the list is between 2231 and 2248 so Im oay with any combinations If i take a srocerer lord on of the disc one of the hero level sorcerers will be in a unit of warrirors.

    P.S I just learned that i could use villitch too.

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