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    WoC - 750pts list

    Hi, I have just been putting together a 750pt list for a local doubles tournament. My ally will be DE and he will most likely be fielding a sorceress.

    Here are the two possible lists I have come up with so far. (I wanted to try and stay away from the all cavalry lists that tend to be the norm. I find Slaanesh sorcerers really enhance the performance of an infantry army against anything but DoC, VC and TK)

    List A:


    Sorcerer,lvl2,MoS,Spell familiar,3rd eye, Enchanted shield, Power Stone 200pts
    why??!?! - see link
    http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...er-set-up.html (Viable sorcerer set up?)


    5 Warhounds 30pts

    5 Warhounds 30pts

    20 Marrauders, Shields, LA, Standard, MoS 138pts

    12 Chaos Warriors, Shields, GW, MoS, Standard, Blasted Standard 295pts
    (perfect target for ecstatic frenzy, when its not being used to bait enemy units)


    Chaos Spawn 55pts

    Total: 748pts

    Notes: Blasted standard and power stones are in there to prevent my sorcerer getting shut down. I could drop the Power stone and give the spawn MoS, but I'm not sure whether that's worth it.

    List B:


    Sorcerer,lvl2,MoS,Spell familiar, 3rd eye, Enchanted shield 180pts

    Sorcerer,lvl1,MoT,BoS 130pts


    5 Warhounds 30pts

    5 Warhounds 30pts

    20 Marrauders, Shields, LA, Standard, MoS, musician 142pts

    12 Chaos Warriors, Shields, GW, MoS 238pts

    Total: 750pts

    Notes: The second sorcerer adds more magic defense and can cast fireball on a 4+ and fire of Tzeench on a 3+. He should suck up a lot of enemy dispel dice, letting the other sorcerer get his key spells off.

    Thoughts, ideas?

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