Here is my list:

Sorcerer lord - MoT, disk, lvl4, spell familiar, dispell scroll, enchanted shield, golden eye of Tzeench - 390

Sorcerer - MoT, disk, lvl2, book of secrets, power familiar - 210
Sorcerer - MoS, steed of Slaanesh, lvl2, infernal puppet - 185

5xChaos Warhounds - XX
5xChaos Warhounds - XX
12xChaos Warriors - MoS, shields, FCG, banner of wrath - 277
5xMarauder Horsemen - MoS, LA, flails, throwing axes, musician - 106
20xMarauders - MoS, FCG, LA, flails - 150

5xChaos Knighst - MoS - 210
12xChoosen - MoT, FCG, favour, shields, GW, banner of rage - 362

2xSpawn of Slaanesh - 150
Warshrine - MoS - 140

Total: 2240

And my questions:
How good banner of wrath?
Do i need both throwing axes and flails on my MH?
Marauders unit - may be do 2 10x units? Without LA?

I don't want to remove MoT from choosen, or add MoK to marauders. This is Tzeench + Slaanesh army. Mb add MoT to unit of warrior?

CC welcome.