lvl 2
mark of nurgle
book of secrets
power familiar

Pretty decent caster, and my general.

14 warriors
musician and banner
mark of nurgle


25 marauders
shields and light armor
musician and standard bearer

5 warhounds
5 warhounds

5 marauder horsemen
light armor, flails, 80

5 marauder horsemen
light armor, flails 80

chariot, mark of nurgle 150


I have a nice solid hammer unit, and a tarpit unit, that being my marauders. Use the hounds as a turn or 2 screen foor my warriors, and marauders. The horsemen will attack the flank, and with flails, should do a good job. The chariot for killiness

I am a nurgle person at heart, so don't suggest any other God. I only have a unit of warriors to start, and this option is a bit less pricey, obviously, on the wallet so will build this up first.

It's a down scaled version of my 1.5k list. I would like to go pure warriors, but having a nice SCR block of marauders might be decent. Let me know what you all think. If the marauders should go, I will probably buy another chariot of nurgle, and with the extra points, get some gifts for my sorcerer.