I wanted to make a 4 sorcerer (1 unmarked lord and 1 of each marks for the sorcerer) coven list. I have done a little write-up on each guy so you can understand my thoughts and would love some constructive criticism on this list. This is kind of a new thing for me because I tend to take lists with a lot more models than this.

Sorcerer Lord (389 pts)
1 Sorcerer Lord (Lvl 4)
Chaos Steed
Biting Blade
The Bronze Armour of Zhrakk
Power Familiar
The Black Tongue
Lord takes Lore of Death and is the carrier of the black tongue for the back tongue/infernal puppet combo (maybe i can knock off a Vampire Lord or Slann quickly). The goal here is to dominate the magic phase and hopefully i will be able to grow his wounds by casting steal soul. I gave him the bronze armor to ensure he doest get popped by some silly instant death weapon. I expect that he will utilize 7 power dice each phase to cast spells. He will be placed in the unit of chosen and will be placed next to the Nurgle Sorc with Skull of Katam to get the +1 casting benefit.

Sorcerer (240 pts)
1 Chaos Sorcerer of Slaanesh
1 Chaos Chariot
1 Dispel Scroll
1 Book of Secrets
Slaanesh Sorc is my BoS toting (Lore of Fire) missile caster (Both Lvl 1 spells). He will utilize 2 power dice and will be on the other side of the Nurgle sorcerer to gain the +1 to casting. I will typically use 1 PD for each spell, unless i really need to cast fire on Regen units or cast Slaanesh on something i dont want to march.

Sorcerer (275 pts)
1 Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle
1 Chaos Chariot
1 Skull of Katam
1 Conjoined Homunculus
Nurgle Sorcerer carries skull and is my buboes sniper. He can cast Buboes on 4+ with the skull and the conjoined Homunculus is to make sure this spell goes off without a hitch. Obviously I can steal a PD from the Lord if I have an extra lying around so Conjoined may nit be needed - I would like some feedback on conjoined.

Sorcerer (191 pts)
1 Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch
1 Chaos Steed
1 Infernal Puppet
1 Talisman of Protection
1 Bloodcurdling Roar
Tzeentch Sorc is with the unit of Warriors and a has Flickering Fire spell. He will not be within range of the Skull of Katam as can already cast FF on a 3+. He also has Bloodcurdling Roar for pesky high armor/high expense units.

Chosen (383 pts)
13 Chosen of Tzeentch (Great Weapons, Shields)
Full Command
Favour of the Gods
Banner of Rage
Pretty standard here, high damage, high number of attacks with frenzy. Should get some nice upgrades with Favour and 2 warshrines.

Chaos Warriors (293 pts)
13 Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh (Hand Weapons, Shields)
Full Command
Banner of Wrath
Another unit for potential warshrine power ups. Banner of Wrath is to get even more missile action and get dispel dice/scrolls out early.

Marauder Horsemen (105 pts)
5 Marauder Horsemen of Khorne (Flails)
Standard cruise Missile

Marauder Horsemen (91 pts)
5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh (Flails)
Baiting and March block unit

Chaos Warshrine (1#, 140 pts)
1 Chaos Warshrine of Slaanesh @ 140 pts (Mark of Slaanesh)
Power up goodness and flank protector

Chaos Warshrine (1#, 140 pts)
1 Chaos Warshrine of Slaanesh @ 140 pts (Mark of Slaanesh)
Power up goodness and other flank protector (would like to make this one Tzeentch for the better ward save just in case i need a little more flank protection.


This army is all about the dirty tricks and magic domination. Also, the only to make this any shootier is add the Rod of Torment somehow. Even though I think this list is fun, I am sure (if executed properly) my opponent will be banging his(or her) head against the game table. I would love some feedback and constructive criticism on this list.

Total Roster Cost: 2247