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    2000pts slaanesh chaos 1st list need help please

    Hi just wanted to know if this list is ok or not, any improvements etc

    Sigvald (goes with chosen)

    Battle standard bearer, warbanner, shield, mark of slaanesh, sporofic musk; 190 (goes with chosen)

    Sorcerer, dispel scroll; 110 (goes with marauders on foot)

    20 marauders, mark of slaanesh, light armour, shields, full command; 150

    5 marauder horsemen, spears, mark of slaanesh; 80

    5 marauder horsemen, spears, mark of slaanesh; 80

    18 chosen, shields, full command, banner of rage; 427 6x3 formation

    5 knights, champion, standard bearer, mark of slaanesh; 250

    Dragon ogre shaggoth, additional hand weapon; 275

    thanks in advance

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    I dont really like the idea of having both characters in the same unit, thats one hell of a point sink. And if someone casts something like infernal gateway and wipes the unit off the table you've lost there and then.

    Maybe find some points to give the BSB a steed and stick him with the knights (dropping the champion from the knights would do this if I remember correctly)

    spears on horsemen aren't great, would rather have flails

    I'm not sure how shaggoths do as I've never used one. it will certainly draw file though, which is only going to help the chosen footslog it across the board

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